HAVELSAN Will Develop Artificial Intelligence Simulator

HAVELSAN Will Develop Artificial Intelligence Simulator
HAVELSAN Will Develop Artificial Intelligence Simulator

HAVELSAN started the Learning Virtual Forces with Artificial Intelligence (FIVE-ML) R&D Project. The artificial intelligence-based project is planned to be completed by the end of 2021.

After the completion of the FIVE-ML project, HAVELSAN's T-129 Attack Helicopter simulator, ATAKSIM and ANKA Simulator, UMTAS Simulator, Air Defense Training Center, and the National Tactical Environment Simulation (MTÇS) planned to be used within the scope of the National Combat Aircraft Project (MMU) Operational Analysis ) software is aimed to be transferred from the rule-based behavior engine to an artificial intelligence-based behavior engine that learns.

With the tactical scenario planning, execution of the planned scenario and post-training evaluation, Tactical Environment Software, which is used for tactical training in mission simulators of combat platforms, has become artificial intelligence-based;

  • The realism of the tactical environment in Mission / Engineering simulators will be increased.
  • Cost reduction will be achieved in the integration, test and warranty stages in simulator projects.
  • It will be made possible for the end user to prepare more realistic scenarios more easily.
  • The way to Operative / Tactical Analysis Simulations will be opened.
  • The way to Operative / Tactical War Games will be opened.
  • Decision support systems that can be used in the real operational environment will open the way.
  • The experience and expertise to be gained from the project will be transferred to the simulation application in many areas.
  • Competitive advantage will be gained against existing foreign tactical environmental simulations in the market

Within the scope of the project that started in August, joint studies are carried out with Konya Karatay University Electrical and Electronics Engineering team for Reinforcement Learning based algorithm development.

All work related to the FIVE-ML Project, whose trademark registration application to Turkish Patent is also accepted, is carried out by HAVELSAN Training and Simulation Technologies.

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