HAVELSAN Enters National Combat Aircraft Project

Appointed General Manager of HAVELSAN, Dr. Mehmet Akif Nacar held a meeting with the press members working in the defense sector.

At the meeting held at the HAVELSAN Central Campus, he made evaluations about the agenda and the activities of HAVELSAN in the defense industry. Nacar made important statements.


Mentioning the issue regarding the inclusion of HAVELSAN in the National Combat Aircraft Project, Nacar said, “HAVELSAN has an important experience in simulators for almost 25 years. In 2018-19, we set out to channel this accumulation to different fields. Together with our teammates, we decided to enter the National Combat Aircraft Project. We thought that we should further develop the operation test environment software we developed in the simulator, bring it to match with its foreign counterparts and make it available for use. For this, we have been meeting with both the Defense Industry Presidency and TUSAŞ for more than a year. " he spoke.


Giving information about the National Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) Project carried out by HAVELSAN, Nacar said, “We know that many public institutions and private sector companies need this software, which has started to be developed in the field of corporate resource management. We know that especially SMEs have serious needs in this sense. It is a platform where we can carry all modules such as stock, fixtures, finance and payroll to the cloud environment at various scales. In 2021, we are planning to make their first installation and then go live. This is one of HAVELSAN's beautiful projects that will be a pride. " gave his statements.


Nacar stated that one of the most important projects that made HAVELSAN HAVELSAN is the Air Force Information System Project (HvBS), which started to be developed for the Air Force Command since the 1990s and is still under development according to current needs, and that a similar project of this project is also designed for the Naval Forces Command. noted that their work has begun.

Nacar said the following on the subject: “Another project of ours is the ORSA project, which was developed intensively by our Command Control and Defense Technologies unit. This means that HAVELSAN is similar to the ongoing HVBS Air Force Information System Project, which is still being developed by HAVELSAN, the next generation, which we call the new generation, is used in all cloud technologies from big data to artificial intelligence. There is an ORSA project subject that will be developed to address the needs. We have started to make an important progress in this regard. This is still in the projecting stage, but it is a project that will open the horizons of HAVELSAN and the sector. said.


Noting that HAVELSAN is also working in the field of unmanned / robotic systems, one of the popular technology fields, Nacar said, “We set out from the autopilot approach we use in simulators. We said, 'As HAVELSAN, we can do autopilot and then we can also build an autonomous system' and in this way we entered autonomous systems. Of course, you know that autonomous systems are not a new subject in the defense industry, there are various companies operating in this field, there are those who do this on the basis of UAVs, here are Kamikazesi, we have other companies trying to make other flock UAVs. We said what can we do further with their road map without contradicting them. We wanted to apply herd algorithms in this regard. So we focused on herd-intelligent systems. We have worked on not only autonomy, but also how they act as a herd. ” He spoke in the form.

Reminding that they exhibited the unmanned ground vehicle at IDEF last year, Nacar said, “At that time, it was not autonomous, it was remotely controlled. With the latest tests, we have actually made it unmanned, it can follow the route by itself, it can perform a certain task. This is an R&D project. He has a calendar, a time in front of him. So this doesn't happen all of a sudden. We immediately applied the algorithms, went on the field, this does not mean that we should immediately start mass production and enter the inventory immediately. There is a process here and that process is running. Hopefully at the end of this year, we will make it ready as soon as possible. By supporting this with various projects, we are at a point to offer it to the service of relevant units and institutions, and this project continues in a beautiful way. " gave his statements.


Referring to the Real Time Operating System Cooperation Protocol signed between TÜBİTAK BİLGEM and HAVELSAN, HAVELSAN General Manager Dr. Mehmet Akif Nacar said, “It is a system developed by TÜBİTAK, but HAVELSAN will be able to act more flexibly and productize it in marketing and popularizing the system. Both TÜBİTAK and HAVELSAN won with technology transfer. Our work on this has actually resulted in the signing of a protocol at a meeting attended by our President. But of course, we have big homework here, we have now taken a great responsibility. " He spoke in the form.


Defense described by the News Magazine of the world's top 100 defense companies in the list of HAVELSAN evaluating the first time this year take place and Turkey's first 7 to be representative of the company Nacer, "important to remain in the coming years on the list. We want to reach higher points gradually, by increasing our targets and our turnover. I congratulate the other 6 companies that made it into the list. We know that our Defense Industry Executive Committee, our Defense Industry Presidency, the Ministry of National Defense, the Turkish Armed Forces and the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation, which made critical decisions for our defense industry under the leadership of our President, have all contributed to this important success and we express our gratitude to them. he spoke.

HAVELSAN General Manager Dr. Mehmet Akif Nacar also stated that these projects will shed light on HAVELSAN's next 10 years.

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