GranFondo Bursa International Cycling Race Starts on 30 August

Granfondo Bursa, the first international bicycle race of our country with social distancing and increased health measures, begins. GranFondo Bursa International Cycling Race, which will be held by Bursa Metropolitan Belediyespor Club under the auspices of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and under the communication sponsorship of Turkcell, starts on 30 August.

GranFondo, the long-road cycling races, open to amateur cyclists, with or without a license, which has been organized in Europe with a wide participation for years and managed to spread to other continents on the last roads, will be held in Bursa on 30 August Victory Day. Granfondo brings together bike enthusiasts masses, the Granfondo-Marmara name has been edited 2 times in Turkey before the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality hosted. After coronavirus this year, according to the rules from Turkey's social and health measures improved first international cycling race Granfondo Bursa, Bursa will bring together the foreign and domestic 2 thousand cycling enthusiasts. In the contest, where health measures will be taken at the highest level in all areas, athletes will exit the divided lines at the start and masks will be worn at the symbolic start.

"Feel the victory in your heart, the power on your pedal"

Speaking at the GranFondo Bursa International Bicycle Race publicity meeting, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş reminded that the organization, which will be held for the first time under the name of “Granfondo-Bursa”, will be held in Bursa on August 30 this year. Stating that they are in a controlled normalization process in the covid-19 epidemic affecting the whole world, President Aktaş stated that measures were taken by considering many rules, especially mask, distance and cleaning rules. Stating that they are preparing to host hundreds of local and foreign bicycle enthusiasts as 'Bursa' in the biggest bicycle organization to be held in the new period, Mayor Aktaş said, "In the race where the enthusiasm of the 30th of August Victory Day will be experienced, the athletes are They will struggle to reach the end point by passing through their natural and cultural beauties. The short track will be 76.7 kilometers and the long track will be 102.8 kilometers. Both races will start neutral at the National Garden. The main start will take place in front of the Metropolitan Municipality New Service Building. "Both tracks will end in front of the National Garden," he said.

"Health measures have been increased 10 times"

Passed to the process of normalization of the pandemic period, this period will be the first mass outdoor activities in Turkey International Granfondo Bursa cycling team Aktas President acknowledging receipt of specific health measures for the race, it will be shown examples of measures with our country said they plan to sign a race. Stating that health measures have been taken in all areas from athlete registration areas to the arrangement of eating and drinking areas, Mayor Aktaş said, “Health measures in the field have been increased 10 times. Start processes have been simplified. An infrequent start was planned by dividing the starting area. Eating and drinking areas have been reduced. 15 health and disinfection stations will be created and positioned in strategic areas. Logistics warehouses, normally located in the racing area, will be kept in remote areas to reduce density. In short, all the details from the use of drinking water to the award ceremony podium were considered and health measures were taken. In the process of the ongoing pandemic since the beginning of March, Turkey will host the first international social-distance bicycle race, we are happy to be here. I would like to thank the Minister of Youth and Sports, Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoğlu. We started this process in consultation with him. He supported the process. As the Metropolitan Municipality, we attach great importance to promotional activities in order to get a share from sports tourism as in all branches of tourism. I believe Granfondo-Bursa will be instrumental in promoting our city to the world. In addition, the fact that the event will be held on the 30th of August Victory Day will also be a source of pride for us. I thank all our sponsors. I wish success to all athletes participating in the races, ”he said.

Sports motivation tool

İsmail Özbayraktar, Turkcell Corporate Communications Director, said that they were happy to organize a beautiful and meaningful organization on August 30 Victory Day. Reminding that the whole world and our country are going through a difficult pandemic process, Özbayraktar stated that one of the biggest problems of people in this period was inactivity. Stating that sports have the motivating, unifying and uplifting power of people as well as movement, Özbayraktar said, “From the beginning of the pandemic process, we have always been with the projects that encourage our citizens to move. In this period, which is called the new normal, we are proud to support a sports activity that encourages movement by paying attention to social distance rules such as GranFondo Bursa. I congratulate the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Alinur Aktaş. I believe this organization will be a very good example. "We will turn our pedals both to celebrate August 30 and to stay healthy."

Metropolitan Belediyespor Club President Gökhan Dinçer said that they are happy to host Granfondo Bursa on the 40th anniversary of the club. Stating that they aim to spread sports to the base, to encourage people of all ages, and to provide the opportunity to do sports, Dinçer said that they care about Granfondo Bursa organization that will contribute to the city in every aspect. Dinçer also gave information about the measures taken in the parkour and expo areas.

The meeting, where 78 Event Organization Supervisor Ömer Kafkas and Abdurrahman Dağlar representing the Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sports were present, ended with a question and answer session.



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