First in Turkey, second in the World International Covidien-19 Certificate of Eligibility

Antalya Alanya Special Anadolu Hospital from the private Anatolian Hospitals, International senior health accreditation bodies which it has explained the scope TEMOS the corona virus measures completed by nearly 100 of the world in the 2nd first time in Turkey 'International Covidien-19 Certificate of Eligibility It took.

Antalya Private Anadolu Hospitals applied to the TEMOS accreditation company to obtain the International Covid-19 Compliance Certificate. By completing nearly 100 criteria announced by TEMOS within the scope of corona virus measures, we are entitled to receive the 'International Covid-19 Certificate of Conformity'. kazanAt the moment, Private Alanya Anadolu Hospital became the 2nd in the world and experienced the joy of receiving the 'International Covid-19 Certificate of Conformity' for the first time in Turkey.

Providing information about the process of obtaining the certificate, Alanya Anatolian Hospital Director, Infectious Diseases Specialist Dr. Hasan Peksel said, “TEMOS is one of the most important health accreditation companies in Europe. Since its first establishment in 2010, our hospital has been receiving quality certifications in cooperation with TEMOS. Regarding the Covid outbreak this season, we applied to the certification program of the TEMOS accreditation company. Subsequently passed through by about 100 power plant close to all our system until the burial service to protect our patients and our employees from Covidien, we have completed our certification system and it is the first field hospital in Turkey, "he said.

While Alanya Anadolu Hospital was the first hospital to complete the certification process, then Lara and Aspendos Anatolian hospitals also completed this process.

About Private Alanya Anadolu Hospital

It started to serve local and foreigners living in Alanya and tourists coming to Alanya region on 28 August 2006 with a capacity of 84 beds, by using modern and technological equipment.

  • Luxury rooms with 105 beds
  • 5 Separate Intensive Care Units
  • 4 Operating Rooms
  • Delivery room
  • Clinical Laboratories
  • 128 Multislice Computed Tomography (CT)
  • 1.5 tesla MR
  • 7/24 Ambulance service
  • Hospital Pharmacy
  • Social areas
  • Cafeteria
  • It aims to provide a comfortable environment for patients and employees with its patient and employee satisfaction-oriented service concept and advanced technology.

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