People of Eskişehir good news! Opera and Bus Station Tram Line Opens Winter Schedule

ESTRAM, which is preferred by thousands of people every day in urban transportation, announced that the trips will start again as of August 24 on the Bus Station and Opera line, where the works are completed. ESTRAM officials stated that the winter schedule will be switched to as of the same date, and that the trips on the Bus Terminal-SSK, Osmangazi University-SSK and City Hospital-Opera lines will decrease to 8 minutes.

Metropolitan Municipality, which extended its tram network to Kumlubel and 75. Yıl District by making a great investment in urban transportation, announced that the works on the bus station connection line have been completed and the Opera line will now start operating. Stating that the old operating system will be switched back to as of August 24, Metropolitan Municipality officials stated that as of the same date, the winter tariff will also start and the number of trips will be increased.

The officials stated that the operation will take place on the main lines of Otogar-SSK, Osmangazi University-SSK, Otogar-Osmangazi University, City Hospital-Opera and the ring line of Osmangazi University-Çankaya, SSK-Çamlıca and SSK-Batıkent, and that the work has come to an end and the shortest They stated that these lines will start operating in a short time.

To learn ESTRAM flight hours and frequencies CLICK HERE

📩 04/01/2023 09:06

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