Eskişehir OIZ is an Example for Our Country in Every Aspect

AK Party Eskişehir Deputy Emine Nur Günay, who visited Eskişehir OSB, said that Eskişehir has a strong industrial infrastructure. Stating that Eskişehir OIZ has undertaken important projects, Günay said, “The work carried out is promising for our city and country”. President Nadir Küpeli stated that they are planning the next 50 years of the region and that they are carrying out the works in line with this plan.

AK Party Eskişehir Deputy Prof. Dr. Emine Nur Günay and AK Party Provincial Chair Zihni Çalışkan visited Nadir Küpeli, Chairman of Eskişehir Organized Industrial Zone. AK Party Provincial Vice Chairman Metin Çekiç, EOSB Board Members Riza Zeydan, Yavuz Ayva, Hamza Tınas, Supervisory Board Members Hikmet Çetin and Samet Özkaya were present at the visit. President Nadir Küpeli regarding the visit took place; Günay and Çalışkan provided detailed information about the studies carried out by Eskişehir OIZ, the investments made and the effects of the pandemic period on Eskişehir industry and industrial establishments in the OIZ.

Industrialists worked with great devotion

President Küpeli said that during the pandemic, industrialists and employees struggled with great devotion to prevent production from stopping and turning the wheels. Stating that electricity and natural gas consumption rates, which decreased in April and May during the pandemic period, started to recover with the normalization process, Küpeli stated that electricity and natural gas consumption has reached the pre-pandemic period in the last 2 months.

The highest figures of the last 10 years

Stating that Eskişehir Organized Industrial Zone is the favorite of investors and that they have reached the highest figures in land allocations in the last 10 years, Mayor Küpeli said, “There is a great interest from our investors in Eskişehir OIZ. The interest of new investors in Eskişehir OIZ, which has a complete and modern infrastructure, continues to increase. In the first 7,5 months of this year, we allocated a total of 36 thousand square meters of new space to 755 new investors. These figures we have reached are at a much higher level than all the figures of the last 10 years on an annual basis, ”he said.

We are planning the next 50 years of Eskişehir OSB

Chairman Küpeli stated that they are planning the next 50 years of the region as the management and supervisory board and said, “We are planning all our projects for 50 years of future. "What the Organized Industrial Zone will need in 50 years, we always think for this purpose and make our investments accordingly."

The future of our country and our city is in high technology production

AK Party Eskişehir Deputy Emine Nur Günay, on the other hand, said that Eskişehir Organized Industrial Zone Board of Directors has undertaken important works and that the historical level of land allocation figures in the OIZ and the increase in incentive investments are satisfactory. Stating that Eskişehir has a strong industrial infrastructure, Günay said, “Eskişehir industry is very strong, we have very high quality, big and well-established companies. We have a strong export structure. But most of Eskisehir's industrial product exports in the share of medium-high and high-tech products export of 15 percent, while the rate of 3,8 per cent level in overall Turkey. We need to transform this infrastructure and know-how into competitive advantage. These developments and changes in Eskişehir industry and the works carried out by the OIZ management in recent years give hope for our city and our country. I've been traveling all Eskisehir Organized Industrial Zone in Turkey, but always in a positive direction is distinguished by both its infrastructure and management approach, Eskişehir is happening to our many examples of important projects realized with ASD ASD. The development and strength of our industry is very important for all of us. As Eskişehir deputy, I am always by your side to accelerate the work of all our industrialists and contribute to the solution of their problems. In this pandemic period, as in the past, as the government, we are always ready to work with all our strength and help you in order to support the industrialists in production and for the wheels to work faster, and most importantly, to reach the targets of 2023 ”.

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