New Appointments at ESHOT

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality ESHOT General Directorate revised the organization chart. With the aim of increasing the service quality, job changes were made at the level of departments.

ESHOT General Directorate, which is the lifeblood of public transportation in Izmir, both revised its organization chart and made changes at the level of departments. The number of departments from 12 before was increased to 14; a department has also changed its name. Apart from the four heads of departments, heads of departments were appointed to different departments.

Mr. Erhan, General Manager of ESHOT, emphasized that the ESHOT family, which has a deep-rooted history of 77 years, works with the mission of constantly increasing the comfort and quality of the public transportation service it offers to the people of Izmir.

The names of the departments that will work under three deputy general managers in total are as follows:

  • Transportation Planning Department: Ceyhun Minareci
  • Bus Management Department: Hakan Uzun
  • Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Department: Kadir Yıldız
  • Support Services Department: Semih Kök
  • Human Resources Department: Sevcan Tınaztepe
  • Strategy Development Department: Cemal Mete
  • Machinery and Equipment Supply Department: Erdal Kukul
  • Construction Facilities Department: Vahyettin Akyol
  • Procurement Department: Tamer Nurgöz
  • Directorate of Information Technologies: Belma Özeş
  • Quality and Institutional Development Department: Özkan Dönmez
  • Service Improvement Department: Pınar Meriç
  • Transportation Investments Department (New): İbrahim Yetmen
  • Transportation Technologies Department (New): Çağrı Çelik

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