The Train of Honor, whose team is decorated with a rainbow of LGBTI + individuals, is on the road

The train, whose wagons were painted in rainbow colors to celebrate the diversity in the society, and the whole team of LGBTI + individuals, made its first flight in Britain.

It was stated that the railway company Avanti West Coast's 11-meter train with 265 cars will be the largest rainbow flag in the country.

The coloring of the train was made to represent the ethnic minorities in the society and the trans flag with its pink, blue and white colors.

Departing from the capital London's Euston stop, the last stop of the train will be the Piccadilly stop in Manchester.

Deciding on such a project as a result of the cancellation of many Pride Week events due to Covid-19 restrictions, the company stated that the train will be on the tracks throughout the year.

Announcements will be made on the train during the flights where LGBTI + education materials and books will be found.

“This train is a sign that we are stepping towards a more inclusive and equal society. "I am proud to be a part of it."




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