DHMİ Announces the Number of Passengers in Elazig Airport in July


The General Directorate of State Airports Authority announced the passenger traffic of Elazig Airport at the end of July 2020.

At the end of July 2018, 617 thousand 493 passengers used Elazig Airport. At the end of July 2019, the number of passengers decreased by 88 thousand 8 to 529 thousand 485.

The decline in the number of passengers at the end of July 2020, which was announced, continued. The number of passengers who fell due to the corona virus decreased by 300 thousand 390 from the same period of the previous year to 229 thousand 095.

According to the State Airports Authority, Elazig Airport hosted a total of 2019 thousand 510 passengers, including 568 thousand 18 on domestic flights and 917 thousand 529 on international flights, at the end of July 485.

According to the data announced, at the end of July 2020, domestic flights used 287 thousand 185 passengers and international flights 11 thousand 910 passengers. While the number of international passengers decreased by 37 percent, the number of domestic passengers decreased by 44 percent. Compared to July 2019, the number of passengers using Elazig airport has decreased by 44 percent.

Looking at the airports of the surrounding provinces; There was a 39 percent decrease in Malatya Airport, 45 percent in Bingöl Airport and 44 percent in Diyarbakır Airport.

In 2020, the total aircraft traffic served at Elazig airport decreased by 44% to 958.

While there was 2019 thousand 3 flight traffic on domestic flights in 338, this number decreased to 2020 in 953.

The decline in international flight traffic also continued. While there were 2019 flights to international flights in 154, only 2020 flights were made in 5.

At the end of July 2019, cargo + Mail + Baggage traffic was 4 thousand 605 tons, while this figure was 2020 tons with a 37 percent decrease in 2.918.

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