Deutsche Bahn buys very high-speed train worth 1 billion euros

Siemens Velaro
Photo: Siemens Mobility

According to the statement of Dr Richard Lutz, CEO of German Railways Deutsche Bahn, the company announced that it has ordered a very high-speed train worth about 1 billion EUR. According to this agreement with Siemens Mobility, the German giant Siemens will manufacture 320 ICE30 very high-speed train sets designed for 3 km / h speed for Deutsche Bahn. 60 optional ICE3 train sets are also included in this agreement.

According to the description of Roland Busch from Siemens, it is quite easy to catch this high speed with the proven ICE Velaro platform. These trains, which can carry 440 passengers, have already been used by many German Railways for many years. The new sets will be used first in 2022 between Dortmund and Munich.

30 train sets ordered will be delivered until the end of 2026. These trains, designed for 320 km / h speed, will also be designed according to the speed and signalization system in these countries, as Germany will serve between Belgium and Germany Netherlands.

Deutsche Bahn 2030 Destination Double Passengers

It is planned to double the number of Deutsche Bahn passengers in 2030 as a result of the changes to be made in rail transport in accordance with the changing climate conditions according to the announced German government policy.

The announcement confirms the government's policy to promote expansion of long-distance rail travel as part of a strategy to double the number of rail passengers by 2030 in the light of climate change.

DB Siemens Velaro ICE Technical Specifications

Length 200 m
Total number of vehicles 8
Weight 450 ton
Power 8 000 kW
Number of motor axles 16
Maximum speed 320 km/h
Seating capacity 440

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