Martyr Basic Boxwood Boat Tours Continuing Army Cruising

Martyr Basic Boxwood Boat Tours Continuing Army Cruising
Martyr Basic Boxwood Boat Tours Continuing Army Cruising

Providing the opportunity to watch the beauties of Ordu from the sea, Martyr Temel Boxing Ship continues to organize tours. The ship, which is operated by Ordu Metropolitan Municipality and travels along the Altınordu coast, makes the citizens enjoy the sea every day of the week.

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, which works on every platform for the Thinking, Producing, Racing Ordu, has implemented another important project in order to integrate the city with the sea. Martyr Temel Şimşir ship, which was previously idle, was brought into Ordu tourism after the restoration work carried out. The ship will be at the service of the people of the district by organizing trips between Altınordu, Perşembe, Ünye, Fatsa and Gülyalı districts. Şehit Temel Şimşir, which will greatly contribute to sea tourism and will make the citizens of Ordu love the sea, has venues that will appeal to the citizens such as a restaurant, cafeteria, wedding hall, children's playground, live music area. Meetings and tours can also be organized on the ship, which has a capacity of 600 people.


The Martyr Temel Boxwood Ship, which gives citizens an insatiable army cruise from the sea with the tours it organizes, serves at 17.00 and 19.00 on weekdays and at 13.00, 15.00 and 17.00 on weekends.

The fee schedule was also determined on the ship, which offers the opportunity to travel along the route between Kumbaşı Port and Melet Bridge. According to this, while 0-6 age group is free of charge, the ship is 15 TL per person, while the relatives of martyrs, veterans and veterans and students benefit from 10 TL. You can call 0542 313 06 50 for contact and detailed information.

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