Czech Republic Railways to Receive 160 DMUs

Czech Republic Railways
Photo: Wikipedia

The Czech Republic railway company will buy CD 160 DMU sets. A tender was opened for DMUs that were required to travel at a speed of 120 km / h. The first purchase will be a pack containing 33 sets. According to the tender, the first of this diesel locomotive will be delivered within 25 months. The deadline for bidding on the tender is 10.09.2020.

Efficiency is sought for diesel locomotives to be purchased. Maintenance economy and ease of use will be evaluated separately. DMUs to be produced in accordance with European Union directives must also comply with the starts of other European countries.

According to the statement made, the Czech Republic will use these locomotives on non-powered lines, and the diesel locomotives used on these lines will be replaced by electric battery locomotives in the future. Credit financing is provided by the European Union.


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