The President Gives the Good News! 320 Billion Cubic Meter Natural Gas Reserve Found in Black Sea

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that there are 320 billion cubic meters of natural gas reserves in the Black Sea.

Highlights in President Erdogan's speech;

- Energy is also of great importance in establishing independence.

- Behind the game played in the Eastern Mediterranean, there is a fight to share energy resources.

- He always said human beings first, friendship first, brotherhood, always the oppressed and the victims first. He always said right, law, justice, humanity may have remained with us, oil. Here, my Lord opened a door for us in a completely different place, with an unseen wealth.

- We realized Turkey's largest natural gas discovery in the history of the Black Sea.

- 320 billion cubic meters of natural gas reserves were found in the Black Sea.

- Tomorrow, similar gates will be opened elsewhere. Because now rose to the top league in this area there is a Turkey.

- Of course, we have not come easy these days. For many years, oil and natural gas exploration activities in our country were generally carried out by leasing.

- Hundreds of millions of dollars of exploration activities, totally foreign-dependent, in deep-sea drilling… At the end, we got nothing but a three to five-page report.

- I give the goal, our goal is to offer Black Sea gas to our nation by 2023
- I hope I expect similar good news from the Mediterranean.

- We are determined to solve the energy issue radically. Turkey for years been suffering the pains it is a country that has paid the price.

- Energy has always been the main driver of our current account deficit. Although we achieve a balance in this regard thanks to the importance we attach to domestic and renewable resources, we are still a serious importer.

- There is no stopping and resting until we become a net exporter of energy by making more searches in seas and on land.

- Turkey is now no need to take refuge in the shadow of one in any field, it is strong enough to stand on its own feet, has the will and resources.

- We have not set our eyes on anyone, but we will continue to walk towards our goals without giving anybody our rights.

- All those who stand before us on this issue, especially in Greece, know very well that we are right.

- Especially the European Union should see that it betrays its own countries and the values ​​that keep the union alive are eroded because of the double standards it displays while pampering and releasing Greece.

Treasury and Finance Minister Berat Albayrak:

- As Turkey has shaped the destiny of this century we are witnessing a very important process for the future of our country nowadays.

- We are also witnessing a process that has been going on for decades, where we have made a glorious victory in which we have buried the ill luck that has always been expressed in our country especially in the field of energy.

- the average of the past 10 years, an average of $ 40 billion on energy imports makes the country Turkey, not where this potential with hope the current account deficit today, we will be discussing current account surplus, to talk about currency than that of a new era of hope begins, I see that we are entering a new period.

- There is neither eastern nor western Turkey're going to hope a new long axis of the new discourse.

Hibya News Agency



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