Additional Payment for Healthcare Professionals Fighting with Covid

Making a statement after the coronavirus Scientific Board meeting, Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca, we are preparing an additional payment for healthcare professionals as of August 1, especially in polyclinics and branches dealing with covid. He also said that we are planning a study as of January for healthcare professionals and family physicians dealing with covid patient groups.

Regarding whether additional payments will be made to healthcare workers, Koca made the following statements: “An additional payment, especially for patients with Kovid, including outpatient clinics, service, intensive care and similar intensive care branches or non-branch physicians and health workers, will be paid for a period of 1 months from 3 August. I want to say that it will be paid in the language. In addition, additional payment is planned for our physicians or healthcare professionals who do not deal with the patient group with Kovid, by making an additional arrangement based on the month of January.

Pointing out that family physicians also worked devotedly during this period, Koca stated that they are constantly in the circuit for symptom monitoring of patients with Kovid.

Health Minister Koca said, "I would like to tell our family physicians that there will be an additional payment as of August 1, based on patient follow-up with Kovid." he spoke.

Emphasizing that the effort, effort and devotion of healthcare professionals are so important that they cannot be measured with money, Koca stated that a solution is provided with effort and effort to the extent possible.

Koca thanked Treasury and Finance Minister Berat Albayrak for his efforts at this point.



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