Channel Istanbul Survey Result 64,2 Percent No Output

Channel Istanbul Survey Result 64,2 Percent No Output
Channel Istanbul Survey Result 64,2 Percent No Output

📩 30/08/2020 12:41

The Channel Istanbul Survey organized by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has been concluded. 606 thousand 317 people participated in the survey; Channel Istanbul, "64,2% opposed, 34,1% support came, 1,7% does not matter," he said.

“63,2 percent of the respondents say that it will not be helpful; 67,1 percent stated that Istanbul is not one of the urgent problems. '18,9 percent will increase the risk of earthquake, 19 percent thirst; While 15,2 percent stated that they would violate the Straits Treaty, '13,6 percent said they thought it would not have a negative impact'. With 100 billion to be spent on Kanal Istanbul, those who want to renew Istanbul's non-earthquake-resistant building stock, 39 percent; Those who said that other problems of Istanbul should be given priority, 22,7 percent said, 33,6 percent said that the channel is necessary. “26,9 percent of land speculators; 17 percent of foreign financial circles; 14,1 percent of the companies that will receive tenders, 4,3 percent of the plaza projects will be needed by those who will rise, and 35 percent of the people of Istanbul will need it.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality organized a Channel Istanbul Survey in order to evaluate the citizens' view of Kanal Istanbul. Six questions about Kanal Istanbul were asked in the questionnaire, which was answered through the İbbweb website. While 606 thousand 317 people participated in the survey, the questions were clicked a total of 4 million 355 thousand 88 times. While 64,2 percent of the respondents said "I do not support Kanal Istanbul", "I support 34,1 percent, and 1,7 percent does not matter". The questions asked and the answers given in the Kanal Istanbul Survey are as follows:

1-Do you think the Channel Istanbul Project will be beneficial for Istanbul?

606 thousand 291 people answered; "36,8 percent said yes, 63,2 percent no".

What kind of negative effects do you think the 2-Channel Istanbul Project will have on Istanbul?

The total number of answers was 1 million 474 thousand 936. 'It increases the risk of earthquakes by 18,9 percent; 19 percent increase risk of thirst; 15,2 percent violation of the Straits Treaty; the historical building deteriorated by 17,4 percent; unbearable increase in traffic 13,6 percent; I do not think it will have a negative impact, it was marked as 15,3 percent.

3-Do you think the construction of Kanal Istanbul is one of the problems of Istanbul that needs to be solved urgently?

Of the 578 thousand 144 answers, 32,9 percent was yes, 67,1 percent was no.

What do you think about the 4 billion lira to be spent on the 100-Channel Istanbul project?

571 thousand 920 people answered this question. “22,7 percent of them should prioritize other problems of Istanbul; The earthquake-resistant building stock problem of 39 percent of Istanbul should be solved; 4,7 percent of Istanbul's school problem should be solved; 33,6 percent of the channel should be done in Istanbul, 'he said.

5-Who do you think needs Kanal Istanbul?

Of the 563 thousand 625 people who answered, '26,9 percent of the land speculators who closed the land from the Canal route; 14,1 percent of the companies that will take a tender from this job; 4,3 percent of those who will rise to plaza, skyscraper and housing projects; 17 percent of high-interest foreign financial circles and their local partners lender to Turkey; 35 percent of the people of Istanbul marked 'choices'.

Do you support 6-Channel Istanbul Project?

560 thousand 172 people, '64,2 percent of them say I do not support it, I support 34,1 percent; It doesn't matter to me, it was 1,7 percent.

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