Internet Journalism Trainings Started at BUTGEM

Internet journalism training started in my booth
Internet journalism training started in my booth

"Internet Journalism" trainings, organized in cooperation with BUTGEM, which operates under the roof of Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry Education Foundation, and Bursa Internet Journalists Association (BURSA İGD) started. During the 3-week training, basic training will be given to the trainees in different areas such as design, news cameraman, photography, internet editing and reporting.

BUTGEM carried out an important training program on internet journalism, which is rapidly strengthening its position all over the world. "Internet Journalism" trainings started at BUTGEM, which operates within the BTSO Education Foundation. The trainings attended by 20 trainees are carried out in 10 separate classes of 2 people each in accordance with distance and hygiene rules due to the epidemic. The program will contribute to the creation of qualified employment in the field of internet journalism. In the training organized in cooperation with the BTSO and BURSA IGD, basic trainings such as basic art and design, internet journalism, news cameraman, photography, internet editor and reporter will be provided. Trainings will take approximately 3 weeks.


Mesut Demir, Chairman of BURSA IGD, said that today, when technology is developing rapidly, the internet journalism sector is gaining strength at the same speed. Vocational education in an important institution which butgem's home record will improve the quality of employment training in the sector held in the Iron, "Bursa media of the powerful in the sense of producing the quality content of external internet media to have a say in Turkey, has to make unbiased and publishes the primitive. Currently, 200 internet news sites are operating in our city. In today's world where internet media has gained great importance, employees working in new media should be equipped to protect this. In this respect, internet journalism trainings organized with the support and cooperation of BTSO will add great power to our internet media in producing quality content as well as fast, accurate, impartial and principled journalism. I would like to thank BTSO President İbrahim Burkay, BUTGEM trainers and those who contributed to the training organized for this purpose. " said.


Zeynep Çelik, one of the trainees, said that she worked as a proofreader at a publishing house and that she wanted to improve herself in this field after the internet journalism course. Çelik said, “I want to become an editor in Internet journalism. That's why BUTGEM trainings are an opportunity for me. I believe it will be a good training program. " said.

Trainee Sude Filiz, on the other hand, stated that she has experience in media before and that she has goals in the field of internet journalism and said, “I want to improve my reporter experience in the field of internet journalism. There is a rich educational content in the course. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the organization of the course. " he spoke.

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