New Era in Transportation in Bursa! Burs Board is Now Mobile

New Era in Transportation in Bursa Starts with 'Burs Board Mobile'
New Era in Transportation in Bursa Starts with 'Burs Board Mobile'

The mobile application, which will enable citizens to easily carry out all transactions related to public transportation on their mobile phones in Bursa, was introduced to the public by the Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Alinur Aktaş with the "launch organized". Stating that 2.5 million people use public transportation every day in Bursa, where 1 million people own Bursboard, Mayor Aktaş said that there is a great deal of visa and bus calls. Stating that the current density will come to an end with the mobile application available in IOS and Android markets, Mayor Aktaş said, “Our citizens will be able to fill and visa online by entering the mobile application with 14 characters on the right back of Bursboards. They will be able to buy single-use tickets. They will be able to see where their bus is, ”he said.

All the problems faced by the citizens using public transportation systems in Bursa while 'buying tickets and traveling' are becoming history with the Burs Board mobile application developed by the Metropolitan Municipality. The software, which was available on IOS and Android stores as of August 1, 2020, was announced to the public at a press conference. Mayor Aktaş, BURULAŞ General Manager Kürşat Çapar and the company's board of directors attended the meeting in the Metropolitan Municipality Council Hall. BURULAŞ General Manager Çapar gave practical information about the digital transformation that completely indexes the transportation system in Bursa to mobile phones.

Available for download from IOS and Android markets

Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş stated that 1 million public transportation vehicles are used daily in Bursa. Noting that approximately 2.5 million Bursboards are used in the city and that more than 85 thousand filling operations are carried out daily, Mayor Aktaş stated that 68% of the office density is due to visa procedures. Emphasizing that 65 percent of the call center calls are related to the bus route, Mayor Aktaş said, “As the Metropolitan Municipality, we have implemented our software that will facilitate the transportation operations of our citizens. Thanks to the application that can be obtained from IOS and Android markets, residents of Bursa will now be able to handle transactions such as checking their balance, online filling, online visa, contactless QR single ticket, contactless NFC single ticket, where and how to go to the bus, and questioning the bus times, "he said.

Problems come to an end with mobile solution

Stating that online card refills with the mobile application are loaded on the card after 15 minutes at the latest and in this way, public transportation can be easily used everywhere without calling a dealer, President Aktaş said, “For our passengers to see how much balance they have on Bursboards or to make their transactions easily without going to a dealer, It was passed ”he said. Noting that student, teacher or full monthly-annual visa procedures can be performed with mobile software, Mayor Aktaş said, “All visa procedures for which documents are not required have become possible without going to the office. While getting on the bus, 'Is there any balance in my card or not?' The question of asking for a card from someone else in the vehicle is now over. With the new technology, we can see the balance of our card by entering the 14 characters on the right back of the card into the mobile application. While waiting at the stop, we can find out where the vehicle is and how soon it will arrive without calling the call center 'directly from the application'. The answer to how to go anywhere in Bursa by using public transportation is on Burs Board mobile. 'How can I go?' With the function, just write where you will go. Burs Board mobile shows you where and how to go in the fastest and most economical way, ”he said.

English language support is also available

Stating that citizens can 'access the list in the software' and find out the line with the shortest transportation time for them, Mayor Aktaş said, “One-pass QR code ticket received from POS devices or the application can be switched either as a receipt or by showing it to the QR reader on the phone. At the same time, our citizens will be able to gift the boarding pass by sending the received QR code to 'friends, acquaintances and relatives'. It is a system that allows citizens with NFC technology to receive the NFC ticket from the phone, by having the validator scan the phone. Version 2.0 also includes monthly subscription, student-teacher subscription loading, photographic personalized card application and follow-up, Burbak parking lot occupancy rates and navigation, and English language support. Burulaş's strategic goal of digital transformation in transportation: At least 2021 percent of the services provided at physical points will be digitized by the end of 80. On this occasion, I wish Burs Board mobile solution to be beneficial ”.

Chairman Aktaş tested the system using the Burs Board given to him after his announcement.

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