Bursa Traffic will be Monitored with 942 Cameras

Bursa traffic will be monitored by camera
Bursa traffic will be monitored by camera

Traffic will be placed under arrest with a total of 942 cameras with Electronic Supervision Systems (EDS) to be implemented within the scope of the protocol signed by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality with the Police Department. Thus, both violations of the rules will be detected instantly and synchronization will be ensured in traffic.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which focuses on projects such as promoting public transportation, new rail system lines, signalization optimization in the existing rail system, road widening, new road and bridge intersection in Bursa, is especially important for the regulation of traffic flow and elimination of violations. is putting another project into practice. The Metropolitan Municipality, which has signed a protocol with the Bursa Police Department for the implementation of the Electronic Supervision System project, where an investment of approximately 100 million lira is foreseen, is preparing for the tender for the project that will breathe Bursa traffic.

Follow-up with 942 cameras

While the system is foreseen to be established within 1 year, the investment will be handled under two separate titles as Electronic Supervision System and Bursa Urban Traffic Management System. With the total of 942 cameras, 27 speed violation corridor systems will be installed at the EDS leg of the project, where traffic can be monitored instantly from a single center. A red light violation system will be established in 30 signalized junctions and 89 junctions in 282 lanes. While there is a parking violation system at 15 points, 150 moving and 450 fixed cameras will be used for the zone display system in the EDS stage of the project.

In the Bursa Urban Traffic Management System leg of the project, there will be 240 vehicle counting cameras, 50 moving cameras and 52 intersection direction cameras. In this context, 52 adaptive signals will be built. For the 18 variable message systems, a led screen and 82 bluetooth-based vehicle detection systems will be installed.

Maximum traffic safety

With the traffic management system, the main entrances of the city and the traffic in the central area will be monitored, supervised, directed and controlled. With the sensors to be placed on road routes, density information will be obtained and the most appropriate traffic flows will be provided according to traffic loads with electronic variable message signs. Scenarios for automatic and manual activation of scenarios for the prevention of jams in the main arteries, automatic detection of jams and their observation and removal by cameras will be provided. Speed ​​will be controlled according to the traffic density in the arteries by means of variable traffic signs based on lanes to be placed on the road. Intersection control devices will be managed from a center. City people and drivers; Variable message sign boards will be informed about issues such as density and travel time information via the internet, mobile phone application and media. While providing maximum traffic security, all kinds of statistical information related to traffic will be collected and evaluated.

Sync will be provided

Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş visited the Traffic Branch Directorate operating under the Transportation Department and gave information about the Electronic Supervision System and the Bursa Urban Traffic Management System they are about to bid. Watching the traffic flow at different points in Bursa with snapshots of city cameras, Mayor Aktaş said that the investment they will realize is of great importance for ensuring synchronization in traffic. Stating that the Electronic Supervision System and Traffic Management System they will implement within the framework of their protocol with the Police Department will ensure that traffic is handled as a whole, Mayor Aktaş said, “Transportation will be more comfortable and healthier. As a matter of fact, we will have serious advantages such as seeing the works that can be done about failing regions from a single source. Of course, we will implement crossroads, metro lines, optimization roads and similar applications, but it is also our priority to supervise these applications to work synchronously, 7/24. I believe that we will create the point where our dream, and traffic-related relaxation, will be felt in the city in April 2021. I hope that when the schools start in September, there is a study we have done with the Governorate regarding the arrangement of school and working hours. I believe that all of this will be an important tool for Bursa traffic to work more synchronously and more comfortably. ”

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