Bursa High Speed ​​Train Tender is on the agenda of the Turkish Grand National Assembly

Bursa High Speed ​​Train Tender is on the agenda of the Turkish Grand National Assembly
Bursa High Speed ​​Train Tender is on the agenda of the Turkish Grand National Assembly

İYİ Party Kocaeli Deputy Lütfü Türkkan brought the tender for the Bandırma - Bursa - Yenişehir - Osmaneli High Standard Railway Project to Kalyon İnşaat for 9,4 billion TL on the agenda of the Assembly.

Türkkan stated that the railway project, which was projected in 2008 and the start date of the TCDD investment program, was planned between 2008 and 2025, was tendered for 2018 billion TL in 2.5, and said that the public was harmed by canceling the tender.

Expressing that 5 companies participated in the tender, which was held by invitation, Türkkan stated that Kalyon İnşaat made high bids in the first round and lowered the price in the second round.

Saying that a tender was held for delivery to the address, Türkkan criticized the abuse of the Public Procurement Law No. 21 / b and the launch of the tender.

Referring to the tender for the project, which was held in 2018 and was canceled due to some irregularities, Türkkan said, “When the canceled tender was held, the dollar rate was 3,97 and the tender price was 2,5 billion TL. However, in the TCDD investment program, the dollar rate was taken as 6 TL. "The dollar has not increased twice since that day, why the same job was tendered for approximately 2 times".

Saying that the public was harmed, Türkkan reminded that the cost of the 393 km Ankara - Sivas High Speed ​​Train Project is 13 billion Turkish lira and drew attention to the difficulty of this geography.

Türkkan stated that the 201 km Bandırma - Osmaneli line was costed for 9,4 billion TL even though it was not YHT.

Türkkan, who asked for a response from Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu, asked why the tender was held on the basis of invitation, despite the absence of 2023 / b conditions for a project to be put into service in 21:

  • The project's start date has been determined as between 2008 and 2025. Why has the General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments made a tender on 2020 August 22, although it was not included in the investment program for the year 2020?
  • A wide time frame has been determined for the start of the railway line construction projected in 2008. The first tender of the project was held on April 3, 2018, but the tender was canceled due to some irregularities. The tender of the project, which has a wide time frame for its construction, dated August 22, 2020 does not meet the requirements of the Public Procurement Law (PPL) 21 / b. What is the reason for applying to the KİK 2023 / b for the project to be put into service in 21?
  • While the tender of the project held on April 3, 2018 was awarded for a price of 2,5 billion TL, the tender price realized on August 22, 2020 increased to 9.4 billion TL. The dollar rate on April 3, 2018 is 3,97 TL. The dollar rate on August 22, 2020 is 7,33 TL. In the TCDD 2020 Investment Program, where the project in question is located, the dollar rate is fixed to 6 TL. Why is the difference between the auction prices close to 2 times when the dollar rate difference between the two auctions is not even 4 times?
  • According to what criteria were the five companies invited to tender determined? Why were other companies with the same quality not invited to the tender?
  • Although the construction cost of the project, which was included in the 8th revised investment program of TCDD, was determined as 3 million 612 thousand TL, why was the tender of the project in question awarded approximately 3 times higher than the determined price?
  • Although the budget of your Ministry is approximately 29 Billion TL, how will the financing be provided for the said railway construction work, which corresponds to one third of your total budget? Will foreign credit be used for the project in question?
  • If your ministry will finance the project in question with own resources, why could not the desired resource be provided for the projects that were stopped due to lack of funds in 2019 and 2020?
  • Why was the said railway project preferred as High Standard Railway instead of High Speed ​​Train Line?
  • Has the public been harmed by the tender?

Second railway tender in 1 month

Kalyon İnşaat won the tender titled "Mersin Adana Osmaniye Gaziantep High Standard Railway Construction and Supply of Electromechanical Systems" held by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure on July 14, for 6 billion 953 million 303 thousand TL.

According to the report published by the World Bank in December 2018, Kalyon Construction is one of the 10 companies that received the most public tenders in the world. Other companies originating in Turkey to Limak Cengiz, Choline and MNG. (Bianet)

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