Mayor Öz Started Official Process for the Establishment of OIZ in Çan

Çan Mayor Bülent ÖZ formalized the project they started for the establishment of the Organized Industrial Zone in Çan and submitted the relevant application petition to the Çan District Governor Mustafa Gürdal.

Mayor Bülent Öz, who submitted the application petition to Çan District Governor Mustafa Gürdal; "The highway route passing through the borders of our district, which also includes the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge, will contribute to the development of our bell day by day, and we have completed our work on the establishment of an Organized Industrial Zone, which will allow the creation of a balanced planning and structuring that the industry needs, and we started the bureaucratic process." he spoke.

Mayor Öz said, “We submitted our petition on“ Establishment of Organized Industrial Zone ”of Law No. 54744560-752.99-E.1284, which will contribute to the economic development and development of our district, create new employment areas and work in integration with the industrial establishments in our region, to our District Governor Mustafa Gürdal.

The next step will be to submit our petition and information report to the Governorship. " said.

District Governor Mustafa Gürdal said that he would closely follow the Governorship process and its subsequent stages for the future of Çan, by paying close attention to the application.



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