Minister Institution Attended Disaster Training Center Opening with Minister of Interior Soylu

At the opening of the “Disaster Training Center”, which they attended as part of the Disaster Preparedness Week, Minister of Environment and Urbanization Murat Institution and Minister of Interior Süleyman Soylu examined the earthquake simulation animated with magnitude 7.2.

Ministers Institution and Soylu participated in the “21 August Commemoration Activities Istanbul Program” organized by the Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD) on the 17st anniversary of the Marmara Earthquake.

Soylu and Kurum, who visited the Istanbul AFAD Education Building, which was opened as part of the program, also experienced the earthquake simulator.

Responding to journalists' questions, Minister Kurum said: “It took 60 seconds, friends simulated a 7.2 Duzce earthquake. It's really scary to feel that jolting for close to 60 seconds even in simulation. Maybe all your moments pass before your eyes like a strip. In such an earthquake, if you are in a solid building, you will probably look for your relatives in the next period. It is very difficult, very troublesome. We are a country where 66 percent of our population and almost 70 percent of our land are located in an earthquake zone.

We lost 80 thousand lives in earthquakes in the last century. We have to learn to live with an earthquake. We have to learn to deal with earthquakes. In this sense, our training center will carry out search and rescue activities both before and after the earthquake. The education of our friends is very important in raising the awareness of our children. Turkey, our entire nation will have learned to deal with an earthquake and by being together. Under the leadership of our President, we will take steps that will prepare our cities and our infrastructures for earthquake. We, as ministries, will fulfill all our duties. Again, I wish God's mercy on all our citizens who lost their lives in the 17 August earthquake. "


Minister Soylu said of a journalist, “Knowing the earthquake is one thing, living is one thing. You experienced this a little bit in the simulation, how did you feel at that moment? " “All the earthquake photographs and everything we saw in the earthquake passed before my eyes. I felt only one thing; Perhaps one of the most important trainings we have to take since childhood is what we have to do during an earthquake. The moment came to mind when those first suggestions for us to collapse and hold on to a solid ground came true. We should do this without hesitation ”.

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