Aydın Denizli Highway Tender Approved! Construction Begins

aydin denizli highway tender approved, construction begins
aydin denizli highway tender approved, construction begins

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu stated that the Denizli Ring Road will be put into service next year when the Honaz Tunnel is completed with the connection roads, and the Aydın-Denizli highway tender, which is one of the biggest indicators of trust in the Turkish economy, has also been approved and it is aimed to start its construction in 2022.

Under the Denizli program, Minister Karaismailoğlu, who examined the Honaz Tunnel, which is one of the key stages of the Denizli Ring Road Project, told reporters that investments continue in every corner of the country in line with the 2023 development goals.

Drawing attention to the importance of the ring road project in Denizli, Karaismailoğlu noted that the intercity traffic in the city, which is an important junction point, will be transferred to the ring road with this project.

Minister Karaismailoğlu said: “In the 14-kilometer Denizli Ring Road construction, the Honaz Tunnel consists of 2 thousand 600 meters of double tubes. Hopefully, tunnel construction will be completed this year. Together with the connection roads, we plan to open this place to Denizli people next year. Hopefully, next year, we will present the 14-kilometer Denizli Ring Road to the service of the people of Denizli. When the intercity road, which is currently passing through Denizli city, is transferred to the ring road, Denizli people will breathe easily. They will get rid of exhaust emissions. Our citizens will save both time and fuel. "

Construction begins on Aydın-Denizli Highway

Stating that they have 14 projects in Denizli, that they will complete them one by one and that they are preparing projects for new needs, Karaismailoğlu continued his speech by pointing out that the Aydın-Denizli Highway tender was held in July:

“We approved our Aydın-Denizli highway tender, which is one of the biggest indicators of trust in the Turkish economy in terms of participation and competition. We aim to start construction in the coming days and complete our Highway in 2022.

The 163-kilometer road in total is an important project that will provide great comfort and contribution to the region. We will do our best to complete the project that will strengthen Denizli even more. "

Karaismailoğlu Minister also said that the investment process despite pandemic continues unabated in every point of Turkey.

Karaismailoğlu, who also visited Governor Ali Fuat Atik in his office, attended the Provincial Coordination Board meeting held closed to the press.

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