Establishment of the Year Award from European Business Council to IETT

Awarded by the European Business Assembly (European Business Assembly) and this year IETT's kazanThe "Establishment of the Year" award was presented to IETT executives by the British Consul General in Istanbul.

The European Business Assembly, an international non-governmental organization registered with the UK Intellectual Property Office, was awarded the IETT “Establishment of the Year” award at the Achievements Forum 2020 (2020 Success Forum) held in London in May.

In addition, our Deputy General Manager Hamdi Alper Kolukısa was chosen as the "Manager of the Year" and was awarded with an engagement and plaque. IETT received this award by coming first among the 20 companies invited to the forum by closely following their work for the last year.

in May kazanThe award was presented to IETT executives by Judith Slater, Consul General of the United Kingdom in Istanbul, at a ceremony held at the IETT General Directorate.

A short presentation about Istanbul and IETT was shown to Consul General Slater before the presentation ceremony. Afterwards, General Manager Alper Bilgili received the "Organization of the Year" award given within the framework of pandemic measures, and the "Manager of the Year" award from the hands of Consul General Slater by Deputy General Manager Hamdi Alper Kolukısa.

What is the European Business Council?

Achievement Form, created to develop collaborations in the international arena, share good practices of organizations, and promote products and services, gives awards in business, economy, science, education, health, culture and arts under the Achievement Awards title. The purpose of the awards is defined as promoting development, raising the standards of products and encouraging and supporting the best regional institutions, companies and individuals in different fields.

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