Arvento, 500th Time Mobile Applications Category Leader in Informatics 7

Arvento, 500th Time Mobile Applications Category Leader in Informatics 7
Arvento, 500th Time Mobile Applications Category Leader in Informatics 7

Furnish the technology of 3 continents, exporting mobile tracking systems developers in the world Arvento made in the field of informatics in Turkey, the only comprehensive research of "Top 500 IT Companies Survey 2019" within the scope of the IT in the 500 awards, Turkey Centered Manufacturers, Mobile Applications category at the top of this year 7. Turkey was once the number one company. Arvento 'Special Award for Contribution to Turkey's Economy In' Manufacturer of the Year Centered Turkey, the M2M and IOT Category 'was awarded the first prize.

In total, more than 1 million the number of devices and the market leader in its field in Turkey with customer references of over 100 thousand Arvento performed by BThaber 'Top 500 IT Companies Informatics described the Turkey-2019 Survey results in the 500 Awards Ceremony, Mobile Applications category this year He was chosen as the winner for the 7th time in a row by receiving an award. The company has also given this year's Special Award for Contribution to Turkey's Economy 'category,' Turkey Centered Manufacturer of the Year, was a leader in the M2M and IOT category.

As the market leader in Turkey in the field of vehicle tracking systems, the device and the number of customers as Arvento located between the largest players in the world, they receive voicing increasing the motivation of the awards Arvento General Manager Ozer Hıncal "This year, breaking records with the number of devices over 1 million, the world global We are one step closer to the goal of becoming a leader in the vehicle tracking system market. The awards we received at Bilişim 500 add value to us in our journey to become a preferred brand in the world markets with our innovative approach, service quality and new products. In particular, this year 'Contribution Special Award to Turkey's Economy' we received under the IOT and M2M category leadership award, at the point and the terms put forward the benefits we provide to our country was a major source of pride for us. In the upcoming period, we will continue to develop and produce sectoral IoT solutions integrated with tracking systems as well as vehicle tracking and fleet management systems with our own technology and successfully represent our country in global markets ”.



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