Ankara Has Its First Bicycle Road

Ankara has its first bicycle path
Ankara has its first bicycle path

Work has been accelerated for the first phase of the "Bicycle Road Project", one of the important projects that is among the election promises of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş. While the first 1 meters of the National Library-Anıtkabir route, the first phase of the project, was completed, bicycle enthusiasts started test drives.

Mansur Yavaş, Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, has implemented one of his election promises.

Focusing on people-oriented studies, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş gave instructions for the completion of the first phase of the 53,6-kilometer bicycle path project. Within the scope of the project carried out by the General Directorate of EGO, the teams of the Department of Science Affairs completed the 1-meter part of the 900st Stage route between the National Library and Anıtkabir.


The first step was taken for the "Bicycle Road Project", whose work was accelerated in order to increase alternative transportation and mobility in the city and to prevent traffic congestion and environmental pollution.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which draws the lines of the 9-stage bicycle path in front of Anıtkabir and separates it from vehicle traffic with barriers, made a surprise to the cyclists of the Başkent who use Gençlik Street.

While the necessary measures were taken to ensure a safer ride for cyclists in the project, where the teams of the Department of Science Works 7/24, Başkent residents started trial drives on the first leg of the corridor to be created between the 1st Phase of the National Library-Anıtkabir-Beşevler Junction.


The bicycle path in front of Anıtkabir, which will be opened with the hanging of the warning signs, got full marks from the people of Başkent:

  • Murat Yumrutaş (Ankara Cycling and Outdoor Sports Association President): “It is a really good practice for our Ankara. We've been waiting for this for years. We also made a lot of demands on our former presidents. We couldn't get an answer. Our Mansur President had mentioned the bicycle road project during the election period. With this project, we have now skipped a few steps. I hope we will go fast and reach much better places on this subject. We would like to thank Ankara Metropolitan Municipality and our Mayor Mansur Yavaş. "
  • Menekşe Dağçı: “I liked the project very much. I want it everywhere. I always ride a bicycle. Because we are stuck, there are pedestrians on the sidewalks and there are vehicles on the roads. There was no way for cyclists. I thank the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality. "
  • Mehmet Sezgin: “I liked the application very much. I was riding a bike before. We needed bicycle paths. It was difficult to drive on normal roads. Either the tools were squeezing or other obstacles were present. This road has been very good for us cyclists. "
  • Ali Cenk Tortu: “We were expecting this application, our President had announced it before. It was a very good work. I would like to thank those who contributed. "
  • Asım Keser: “I am sitting here in a lodge soon. There are examples of this application in the world. These are applications that protect pedestrians and cyclists. In this sense, this project excited me too. It is very nice to have such a project in Ata's presence like Anıtkabir. Our children will both play safely and ride their bike safely. I congratulate those who contributed, thank you. "
  • Nursen Topçuoğlu: “I liked this application very much. It is very beautiful. We were going out in the evening with our children, but we had to be around them all the time. Now our children are safer with this project. Thank you to our president. "
  • Kemalettin Topçuoğlu: “It is a big deficiency that such a project has not yet existed. Thanks to our president, he made a good application. Think of a capital city of a country, it didn't even have a bike path. We would like to thank our President Mansur Yavaş and his team. We wish them continued success. "

Following the National Library-Anıtkabir bicycle path route in the first phase, which was started to be built, the other routes planned to be built are as follows:

  1. Stage-Universities Route,
  2. Stage -Ümitköy-Etimesgut Route,
  3. Stage -Sıhhiye-Cebeci Route,
  4. Stage -TOBB Route,
  5. Stage - Eryaman West Route,
  6. Stage -Eryaman Göksu Route,
  7. Stage -Batıkent-İvedik Ostim Route,
  8. Stage -Ankara Metropolitan Municipality- AKM Route

The Metropolitan Municipality, which also started the bicycle rental practice in the 30 Ağustos Zafer Park, aims to expand the activities that will increase the use of bicycles in addition to the bicycle path project in other parks and recreation areas of the Capital.

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