Construction of Arch Walled Retaining Structure in Ankara Eskişehir YHT Line Tender Result

Ankara Eskişehir YHT Line Km: 407 + 930 - 408 + 300 Arch Wall Retaining Structure Tender Result

2020 companies submitted bids for the tender of TC State Railways YHT Regional Directorate (TCDD) for the Construction of Arch Wall Retaining Structure at Ankara Eskişehir YHT Line Km: 265311 + 9.247.304,12 - 407 + 930 with an approximate cost of TL 408 with the number 300/54 KIK. and IC İÇTAŞ İNŞAAT SAN. with a bid of 6.187.990,00 TL. VE TİC. A.S. + ASTUR İNŞAAT VE TİC. A.S. + KALYON İNŞAAT SAN. VE TİC. A.S. has won the joint venture. 22 firms that participated in the tender submitted bids below the limit value.

The tender covers the construction of 407 m Arch Wall at Ankara Eskişehir YHT Line Km: 930 + 408 - 300 + 306. The duration of the work is 180 (one hundred and eighty) calendar days from the place delivery.


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