Ankara Metropolitan's Support to Private Public Transport Tradesmen Continues!

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With the decision of UKOME, it was approved to make an average of 20 percent discount on the stop participation fees of Private Public Transport Cooperatives tradesmen. During the pandemic period, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş gave an order to take the decision that relieves the vehicle operators whose number of passengers and income decreased, while the discount to be applied will be between 600 TL and 2 thousand 150 TL per year.

In the 12 districts of the Başkent, there was an average 20 percent reduction in the participation fees of the private public transport cooperatives that provide public transportation services.

With the decision of the Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME), the reduction decision was approved, effective from 14 August 2020.


Noting that the number of passengers and their income decreased during the pandemic period of Private Public Transport Cooperatives, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş said, “We decided to reduce the participation fees of our Private Public Transport Cooperatives by 20 percent on average. "We continue to stand by our tradesmen from Ankara, we believe that we will overcome the difficult days with solidarity."

In line with the decision taken by UKOME, which was gathered after Mayor Yavaş gave the first good news on social media accounts, Private Public Transport Cooperatives providing public transportation services in the capital will be able to pay an average of 20 percent discount on the participation fee they pay each month.

A total of 248 vehicle operators will benefit from a discount of 600 TL and 2 thousand 150 TL per vehicle annually.

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