Germany and Austria: 504 Light Rail System Vehicle Purchase Tender

vehicle purchase tender
vehicle purchase tender

Six German and Austrian urban transport operators published a combined tender notice of up to 4 billion euros for a 504-vehicle light rail vehicle for tram-train operation. With this tender, it is aimed to save up to 1 million Euros for each vehicle. The details of this great purchase that will take 10 years to deliver are in our news ...

VDV TramTrain According to the agreement signed in July 2017 within the scope of the project, the tram-train operators in Germany and Austria Albtal Transport Company (AVG), Karlsruhe Transport Authority (VBK), Saarbahn, State of Salzburg, the Neckar-Alb tram-train association and Schiene OÖ thanks to the agreement 504 A single tender will be held for the purchase of light rail system vehicles. The vehicles to be provided to these operators with a single tender provide delivery and price advantage. Approximate cost 4 Billion EUR A large participation is expected in this giant tender.

4 Billion EUR Vehicle Purchase Auction

The tender includes the development, manufacture and Approval of vehicles, as well as maintenance for up to 32 years. “This has the great advantage that the manufacturer is responsible for maintenance during the expected vehicle life cycle,” says Mr. Thorsten Erlenkötter, general project manager for VBK. "Thus, good long-term quality and availability can be guaranteed." said.

The project will start with the development and approval of a standard model with partners shared costs, which will lead to huge savings. From this, five variants will be produced that meet operator-specific requirements. These produced variants will have WC or power alternatives. Provincial vehicle delivery will be in July 2024.

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