Smokeless Air Field Expanded in Akçaray Stations

Smokeless airspace expanded at akcaray stations
Smokeless airspace expanded at akcaray stations

The awareness study carried out by TransportationPark, one of the affiliates of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, was carried out with a sticker application written "smokeless airspace" at the entrances of the tram stations. With this study, tobacco and tobacco products, which are prohibited to be used in stations since the day Akçaray was opened, will no longer be used at the station entrances. In this way, the passengers in the station will be prevented from being exposed to the smoke caused by the consumption of tobacco and tobacco products.

It will encourage you to quit smoking

With the practice implemented, the smokeless airspace application will be widespread and the passengers will be encouraged to stop smoking by seeing the stickers. In line with the decisions taken as a result of tobacco and tobacco products threatening human health, passengers will be prevented from smoking, thanks to the written stickers both on the ground at the entrances of the stations and inside the station.


Smokeless airspace stickers will be applied to all stations of Akçaray as of this week. In addition to the practices carried out at Otogar, Yahya Kaptan and Yenişehir stations, works will continue at the remaining 12 stations this week. Akçaray has 15 stations in total, and the awareness work to be applied to the ground section at the turnstile entrance will be visible to passengers at all stations between Bus Terminal and Beach Road.

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