A First In The World! Anti-virus 'Safe Bus' is at the Service of Izmirians

One of the 52 new buses added by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to the fleet of the ESHOT General Directorate stands out with its health safety systems. The safe vehicle, which was used in Izmir for the first time in the world, measures the passenger temperature and cleans the air and interior surfaces from viruses and bacteria.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality ESHOT General Directorate added 52 new buses produced by Otokar to its fleet last week. Received from the State Supply Office (DMO) for 49 million TL; A total of 10 buses and 17 midibuses, 27 of which are articulated and 25 solo, started to serve in various parts of the city. One of those vehicles is an articulated bus running on Konak - Otogar line numbered 302. Drawing attention with its special equipment to protect public health, the bus has four important security systems against viruses and bacteria. The security system, which measures the fire of the passenger while getting on the front door, also warns those who want to board without a mask. There is also a special driver's cabin with a glass partition to prevent passenger and driver contact on the bus. While the vehicle is in motion, the photocatalysis ventilation system kills harmful organisms such as viruses, bacteria and fungi in the air. Finally, the automatic disinfectant spray system, which is activated after each trip of the bus, cleans the seats, handles and interior surfaces.

Soyer: Our priority is hygiene

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerStating that hygiene and health safety have gained much more importance in public transportation with the pandemic period, he said, “In the light of this sensitivity, we clean all our public transportation vehicles regularly and meticulously. We sterilize it with disinfection products," he said. Pointing out that companies develop new technologies and products in line with the requirements that arise with the changing conditions, Soyer said, “This special bus, which is one of them and is self-cleaning, was put into use for the first time in İzmir. Our goal is to increase the number of such vehicles if the test results are positive," he said.

Quad system first in the world

Otokar General Manager Serdar Görgüç said that the bus, which has health safety systems that minimizes the risk of the disease spreading during public transportation, was produced taking into account the special conditions brought by the pandemic period. Görgüç said, “Since the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic process, our engineers have worked specifically for health safety in public transportation. For the first time in the world, four private health security systems were implemented in a bus used for public transportation. Our safe bus was put into service for the people of Izmir for testing purposes, ”he said.

How do the systems work?

1- Fever Measurement and Warning System
Electronic systems are used that automatically measure the fever of the passengers and warn the driver in case of high fever during the passenger boarding through the front door. In addition, the driver is warned when riding without a mask.

2- Photocatalysis System in Air Conditioning Units
These systems, which have the ability to kill viruses within 60 minutes while the vehicle is moving, constantly disinfects the air in the bus.

Photocatalysis: The process of breaking down organic molecules such as viruses and bacteria that can be transported from the air with hydroxyls and converting them into harmless water vapor and carbon dioxide. It is widely used for disinfection in many sectors, especially in hospitals.

3- Automatic Disinfectant Spraying System
After the journey, the system is activated when the vehicle is empty. Viruses and bacteria are sterilized on all interior surfaces of the bus by spraying high-pressure pulverized disinfectant with nozzles integrated throughout the vehicle.

4- Closed Driver's Cabin
Thanks to the driver's compartment separated by high windows, direct contact of the driver and passengers is prevented; The possibility of virus and bacteria transmission is minimized.

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