Zirconium Treatment and Prices in İzmir

Izmir, Turkey's third largest city is, in health care and dental treatment often comes at the beginning of the preferred cities. İzmir zirconium tooth coating Although it is a city where the number of dental clinics practicing is high, not only from İzmir; Patients come from nearby cities such as Manisa and Aydın to have zirconium veneers. Before being treated in dental clinics that perform zirconium coating treatment in İzmir; Attention should be paid to the expertise of the physician who will perform the application.

Zirconium Treatment Stages

As with all crown treatments, zirconium crown treatment consists of several stages. Zirconium crown treatment stages are as follows:

  1. In the first stage, preparation is made for zirconium coating and the tooth size is taken. Temporary tooth is glued to prevent the tooth surface from being empty and aesthetic problems are prevented with tooth sensitivity.
  2. In the second stage, the zirconium coating prepared is rehearsed and gingival compatibility is checked.
  3. At the last stage of the zirconium tooth coating application, the crown is adhered to the tooth and the treatment process is completed after the tooth and face harmony is checked.

Zirconium coating is completed within an average of one week. Zirconium crown treatment is advantageous compared to other crown treatments. Therefore Zirconium tooth coating in İzmir treatments are widely available.

Coating Zirconium Dental Benefits

One of the most important advantages of zirconium tooth coating is gingival harmony and aesthetic dentistry appearance comes. Since zirconium veneers are very close to natural tooth color, it provides superior aesthetics compared to other veneers. In addition, zirconium can be used easily in patients with metal allergies.

İzmir Zirconium Dental Treatments

Since zirconium tooth coating is nearly XNUMX% compatible with gingiva, it can be applied to almost everyone. Although İzmir is one of the cities where zirconium dental treatments are performed frequently; Not only patients in Izmir, but also many patients from surrounding cities such as Manisa, Aydın and Uşak come to Izmir for zirconium treatment. İzmir zirconium tooth pricesIt is determined in line with the price list determined by the TDB and may vary depending on the expertise of the physician in this field with additional treatments to be applied to the patient.

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