Work has started again at 42 Evler Train Station

Work has started again at 42 Evler Train Station
Photo: Özgürkocaeli

New stops are being built in place of the old 42 stops in the 2 Evler area on the new line to be used by the suburban train between Arifiye and Pendik. The work, which had been suspended for about 2 months, resumed 3-4 days ago.

According to the news of Muharrem Şenol from Özgür Kocaeli; “The construction of the new platform and catenary electricity and signalization lines for the route in the 42 Evler area has been continuing for a long time. A new line was added to the suburban train line between Adapazarı Arifiye-İzmit-Pendik, which was suspended in 2012 due to the High Speed ​​Train operation and reopened in 3 on a single line after 2015 years, and the number was increased to two. Work on the second line is still continuing in the Izmit 42 Evler area.

The platform and electrical signaling works were carried out in the area where the tracks were laid. However, according to the information obtained, the work was suspended due to the dispute between the recipient company and the subcontractor. There was no study in the area for about 2 months. Work on solving the problem resumed 3-4 days ago.

While the infrastructure work of the two platforms is in progress, no work has been done on the lines for now. The infrastructure of the platforms has been completed. Platform production has started for the superstructure. Work in the region started on February 20. The construction of the platform, where 20 people worked, was expected to be completed in August, but the calendar will be a little longer after the developments. The work that restarted 3-4 days ago is expected to take about 1 month.

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