Work Has Started For SSI Bridge Intersection

Work has started for the sgk bridge intersection
Work has started for the sgk bridge intersection

Work has begun for the new transportation project of the city, the SGK Köprülü Junction. While the processes for stormwater and potable water infrastructure in the region are carried out by SASKI, the roads to be used during the works are also being prepared. In the intersection area, the foundation of the bridge will be started in a short time. In the statement made, all the citizens who showed sensitivity due to the works were thanked and attention was drawn to the use of alternative ways.

Work has begun for the SGK Bridge Crossroads project, which will be added to the transportation future of the city by the Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality. On the artery used in the direction of Orhangazi Street to the city center, SASKI teams displace the rainwater and potable water lines. Also, service roads that will be needed during the works are prepared. It was stated that according to the determined business schedule, the institutions will also displace the infrastructure lines in the region.

Work started on the project

In the statement made by the Directorate of Science Affairs, “We started the works for the SSI Bridge Crossroad project, which was given good news to our city by our Metropolitan Mayor Ekrem Yüce. SASKI teams displace infrastructure lines. In addition, a service road to be used at the project site is also being prepared. We continue our efforts to both conclude the works quickly and to minimize the traffic flow. We hope that the work we have initiated for the SGK Köprülü Crossroads will be beneficial ”.

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