Will Schools Be Opened? When Will Schools Be Open? Will Distance Education Continue?

Will the schools be urgent? When will the schools be? Will distance education continue?
Will the schools be urgent? When will the schools be? Will distance education continue?

📩 04/01/2023 09:07

The Minister of National Education, Ziya Selçuk, announced that the new academic year will be opened with distance education on August 31, and that face-to-face education will be started in a "gradual and diluted" manner from 21 September.

At the press conference held at the Ministry, Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk made statements regarding the 2020-2021 academic year.

Stating that the educators looked into the eyes of every student in their class and started the lesson like that, Minister Selçuk invited everyone to be responsible for this to continue and open schools with face-to-face education, and said, "We will open the schools together." stated that they said they wanted to share this responsibility.

In this process, Selçuk explained that as the Ministry, they have worked on all the details of the social distance, disinfectant, mask supply, physical and social competencies, and completed the preparations and standards so that the schools can be opened with health and safety, and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan with the Ministry of Health and the Scientific Committee for a long time. He said that as a result of the meetings they held under the leadership of, they matured the decisions about how to start the 2020-2021 academic year.

Stating that the 2020-2021 academic year will start with a “progressive and diluted” model as a result of the recommendations of the Scientific Committee, Ziya Selçuk said: “According to this, we open schools with distance education on August 31, 2020 and this is how we start our academic year. On September 21, we have decided to start gradual and diluted face-to-face education in the classes recommended by the Scientific Committee. Of course, private schools will be able to start their educational activities with distance education tools as of Monday, August 17. Students who cannot receive face-to-face education will continue their education with distance education tools. Distance education tools consist of EBA television channels, live lessons with their own teachers within the framework of content suitable for their level, and some subjects in the content of EBA internet in the continuation of these lessons.

Stating that they will continue to be with the students with the support materials prepared, Selçuk stated that when the schools are opened, the health status of everyone related to the schools will be monitored by HES codes until they reach the students, teachers, support personnel of the schools, bus drivers.

Minister Selçuk emphasized that people diagnosed with viruses in their family or close environment will be detected through this system and necessary measures will be taken.

Reminding that the standards on masks and similar issues were determined within the framework of the control manual prepared before, at the entrance to the school garden, at the entrance to the lesson, Selçuk noted that some guides were prepared for both students, teachers and parents in this context.

Ziya Selçuk explained that the standards regarding breaks and similar situations are also included in these guides and they will explain them in detail when the time comes. Stating that the supply of masks will also be provided by the Ministry, they continue to work with various institutions to improve the hygiene standards of the schools, Selçuk stated that 2 thousand inspectors are currently in the field and in the schools for the inspection of these standards and that they are reviewing the standards of each school.

Pointing out that they will put forward a special adaptation program in the first week of the school, Minister Selçuk said, "We will have a study about teachers before, but our explanations about adaptation studies for our children will continue for a week." he spoke.

"The number of personnel has been increased"

Pointing out that the recruitment of cleaning and security personnel continues rapidly to ensure the hygiene of the schools, Selçuk mentioned that the number of these personnel has increased due to the epidemic conditions. Ziya Selçuk explained that all the items related to the schools were taken out one by one and what is needed at the provincial, district and school level was revealed concretely, and accordingly, they made the necessary plans to provide financial support to schools and to provide other technical support. announced that they would hold a meeting.

Stating that they examined each province one by one considering their own situation, Selçuk reminded that these supports will be delivered in a short time starting from the priority schools. Stating that the ministry bureaucrats will participate in risk analysis in various groups in the future and will have the opportunity to follow the studies in those provinces, Minister Selçuk said that they are planning to present the road map with these studies.

Stating that as the Ministry, they will be on the field and at schools throughout the whole process, Selçuk said, “I would like to congratulate my children and teachers the academic year that will start on August 31st, and wish to meet at our schools and start face-to-face training as soon as possible. I invite every member of the society to take responsibility within the scope of combating the epidemic. " He spoke in the form.

"We will share in details"

Answering the questions later, Minister Selçuk stated that the Scientific Committee had a recommendation for the start of face-to-face training as of September 21, upon the question of which classes will gradually start face-to-face education.

Selçuk said, “We will determine in which age groups to start with priority, again in line with the recommendations of scientists. When the time comes, we will surely share this in detail. " used the expression. In response to the question of whether a planning has been made for the students who will take the exam next year, Ziya Selçuk said, "Of course, plans are made on the content of the curriculum and support activities for our students who take this exam." said. Regarding another question about “progressive and diluted” education, Selçuk said, “By staging and diluted, actually opening certain grade levels and dilution of the lessons and topics, that is, not exactly the whole content face-to-face in the same hour and time, but the specific subjects. We mean that the points are specifically and primarily processed. So how will the gap that may occur as a result of dilution be eliminated? Of course, it will be eliminated through distance education, live lessons and EBA televisions. " gave the answer.


  1. I think the prospect of even opening the school during the pandemic period is terrible. As a result, the epidemic continues seriously and even the first wave is not over. Besides, there is a second wave of this. We cannot risk the lives of our children and their families so easily. Throughout the summer, the Ministry of Education should have worked hard on distance online education and had an internet and computer campaign for every home. But solving the mask problem is also a great success.

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