What is the Importance of August 30 Victory Day? Where and when was it celebrated for the first time?

What is the Importance of August 30 Victory Day? Where and when was it celebrated for the first time?
What is the Importance of August 30 Victory Day? Where and when was it celebrated for the first time?

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August 30 Victory Day is celebrated to commemorate the Battle of the Commander-in-Chief in 1922, or the Great Offensive. August 30 was celebrated for the first time in 1923. Victory Day was declared on 30 August 1935 and started to be celebrated throughout the country.

Victory Day, in Dumlupinar on August 30, 1922 Mustafa Kemal başkumandanlıg resulted in victories to commemorate the Great Offensive for Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is celebrated every year on August 30 the official day is a national holiday.

After the successful conclusion of the Great Offensive, also known as the Commander-in-Chief Pitched Battle, as it was held under Atatürk's commander in chief, the Greek armies were followed to Izmir; With the liberation of Izmir on September 9, 1922, Turkish lands were liberated from Greek occupation. Although the occupation troops left the country later, August 30 symbolically represents the day the country's lands were taken back. For the first time in Afyon in 1924 celebrated the Victory name of the Commander in Chief on August 30, is celebrated as Victory Day in Turkey since 1926.

The Great Assault was a secret operation that was thought and planned to ensure that the Turkish army gives the last and definite blow to the occupying forces and expel them from Anatolia during the War of Independence. Turkey Grand National Assembly on 20 July at the session of the supreme command authority given to him in 1922, including the fourth time Mustafa Kemal Pasha took the decision to attack was conducted in June and preparations as confidential. The Great Offensive started in Afyon on the night of the 26th to the 27th of August and ended with the victory of the Turkish army with the destruction of the enemy troops surrounded by Aslıhan in the Dumlupınar Pitched Battle, which Mustafa Kemal Pasha personally directed.

The past of the feast 

On 30 August, for the first time in 1924, in Dumlupınar near Çal Village, with a ceremony attended by President Mustafa Kemal Commander-in-Chief Victory Celebrated by name. The two-year wait for victory in the most important reason to celebrate in terms of both national and international level in the new Turkey of 1923 was that the density is fierce. 

In the first ceremony held in Çal village, Mustafa Kemal emphasized the importance of keeping the national spirit alive and Unknown Soldier Monumentwith his wife Latife Hanım. 

Commander-in-Chief Victory from 1926 victory Day is celebrated as. In the Victory Day Law adopted on April 1, 1926, it is stated that the Day of the Battle of the Commander-in-Chief on August 30 is the Victory Day of the Republic's army and navy, and that this holiday will be celebrated by the land, naval and air forces every year on the anniversary. In the same year, with a circular issued by the Minister of Defense Recep Peker, it was stated in detail what to do during the holiday ceremonies. However, until the mid-1930s, the Great Victory celebration or commemoration ceremony, which took place at a high level like the first ceremony, was not held. Since the Air Force has an important place in the defense of the country, the Aircraft Society also declares August 30 as “Airplane Day"He called.

Especially since the 1960s, more comprehensive and participatory celebrations have been made for Victory Day. August 30 was the day of their graduation ceremonies of military schools in Turkey; In addition, all officer and petty officer rank changes take effect on this date. Victory Day has been celebrated for many years as a holiday where the Chief of General Staff accepted congratulations; this situation has changed since 2011, when President Abdullah Gül hosted the celebrations as the Commander-in-Chief. 


August 30, are official holidays in Turkey. Celebrations and ceremonies held in the capital Ankara and outside of Ankara on Victory Day, “Regulation on National and Official Holidays and Local Liberation Days, Atatürk Days and Ceremonies and Celebrations to be Held on Historical DaysEdited with ”. According to this regulation renewed in 2012:

  • Victory Day ceremonies are carried out by the General Directorate of Protocol of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in coordination with the General Staff.
  • The ceremonies start at 30:07.00 on August 24.00 and end at 12.00:XNUMX. Twenty-one pare balls are shot in the capital at XNUMX:XNUMX.
  • The President visits Anıtkabir and lays a wreath; The presidency accepts its congratulations, celebrates the feast of the people and participants of the ceremony. The Victory Day reception is given by the President.
  • Outside the capital, a wreath is placed on the Atatürk monument or bust by the local administrative authority, the garrison commander and the mayor. He receives congratulations with the garrison commander and the mayor in the office of the local governor. The feast of the people and the participants of the ceremony is celebrated, and the flag is raised with the Turkish National Anthem. The ceremony is greeted by the local governor, the garrison commander and the mayor from the tribune of honor. Victory Day reception is given by the governor.

Due to the terrorist incidents in 2015, celebrations were performed only by laying wreaths and accepting congratulations; Other festivities, concerts, entertainment and celebratory activities were not realized. 

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