What is Incentive Program?

Compass Incentive
Compass Incentive

Employment incentives, which started in 2011/3 period, have continued to increase until today. With the increase in incentives, various criteria, comparison and benefit analysis processes between incentives have become necessary. While enterprises with 100 or less personnel can follow the incentives with minimum losses through excel, monitoring through excel prevents a serious workload and maximum utilization in larger enterprises with high circulation.

Incentive calculation programs, as stated above, are programmed to analyze various algorithms in a single roof in a faster and maximum level of benefit. By defining all incentives to the systems with the algorithms they include, giving priority to which incentives by conducting benefit analysis while applying the defined incentives, they provide high returns at affordable costs by taking a serious workload by making criterion checks to prevent unnecessary incentives.

In 2017, the demand for the program increased in order to meet the intense demands from incentives in places such as SMMM offices, HR consultancy offices, Law offices, and there was an intense increase in the programs in the face of increasing demand. With the increasing competition between programs in the market, several programs have come to the fore in doing the best.

Compass Incentive software module, developed by Pusula plus software department, is also the most competitive program in the market. It was launched after the long-term project work of the incentive department and the software department and serves thousands of users and nearly a hundred thousand companies in a short time to implement the incentives at the maximum level.

Why Compass Incentive?

With Pusula Incentive, you can leave behind all the tiring processes such as the criteria of SSI incentives, having more than one incentive, making benefit analysis among incentives.

Pusula Incentive calculates all current employment and regional incentives in a way that will provide you maximum benefit.

It includes all different algorithms in the SSI system and completes the analysis in a very short time and calculates your incentives.

With the Pusula Incentive Program, you can follow all your incentives in the past and current periods and get your earnings detail reports.

In the current period, without the need to upload the current period data to the SSI system, you can get the net people by using your data in the Pusula Incentive SGK system, without creating an additional workload for you, without separating the details of your incentive personnel in the current period.

Thanks to the additional modules system of the Pusula Incentive system;

  • The total of the amounts in your consignment can be taken with a single click.
  • You can enter your petitions, which must be entered in 6-month periods, with a single click.
  • The status of the documents loaded on the V2 system can be viewed.

With Pusula Incentive, you can perform the work of subcontracted files securely without the need for parent company passwords.

With the Pusula Incentive Program, you can access many screens in the SGK system with a single click.

For your demo requests and questions https://pusulatesvik.com You can reach our address.


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