What is Robotic Rehabilitation in Physical Therapy? How Are The Advantages? Who Can Use?

In the digital age we live in, we benefit from the advantages of technology in almost all areas, one of which is the health sector. The device, which helps citizens to stand up again by providing great advantages to those who cannot walk or have gait disturbances due to spinal cord injury or various reasons, allows the patient to move comfortably by taking the majority of the body weight of the patient. Well, what are the advantages of the Robotic Rehabilitation (Lokomat) device, which is a hope even for people who are not able to walk? Who can use it?

The developing technology also shows itself in the field of health. So much so that it is possible to see robotic technologies, which are a part of our lives, in the field of physical therapy. Robotic rehabilitation, which is the protagonist of the events that we sometimes call miracles, enables many people who have difficulty or cannot walk to rejoin life. In this system, after the patient is taken up by means of slings on a treadmill, with the help of robotic parts placed on both sides of the legs, walking movement is performed in a way similar to the normal walking pattern.

Not Ending with Counting the Benefits

Expressing that it is a great advantage to resemble normal walking, Romatem Samsun Hospital Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist Dr. Orhan Akdeniz said, “At the same time, since the patient perceives the feeling of walking in different environments on the virtual reality screen or sees himself walking in the mirror, he has the opportunity to do walking exercises without getting bored during the treatment. With this method, the healing process of the patients accelerates and their walking patterns develop in near-normal forms. Since the brain sends much more stimulation than normal exercises in a very short time, it also significantly shortens the healing process. It is possible to obtain easy and reproducible measurements about patient development with computer aided assessment scales. More and more intensive sessions can be done with robotic support. It is very advantageous compared to classical rehabilitation "

Who Can Use

Akdeniz continued his words as follows: “The primary goal of robotic walking therapy is to develop lost or impaired walking ability. For this purpose, robotic walking therapy can be used in many neurological and orthopedic diseases that impair walking ability, especially traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries, stroke and other neurological disorders. In addition, with the Pediatric Lokomat, pediatric patients with gait disturbance from the age of approximately 4 can benefit from this opportunity.

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