Attention to Hidden Danger Coming with IoT Devices at Home, Car, Office!

to home from work, in many areas cafes that go frequently from transportation vehicles and currently IOT devices and technologies by stating that faced thick WatchGuard Greece and Turkey Country Manager Joseph is not home, it warns about iota risks that may be encountered on a typical day.

IoT devices that make life comfortable and accessible include many risks. IoT devices, which have many vulnerabilities and are easy to use for hackers and larger attacks, stand by us with threats that need attention at every moment of the day. Network security and intelligence, secure Wi-Fi and based multi-factor authentication, a leading global provider WatchGuard Turkey and Greece Country Manager Joseph Evmez day, in the company's employees from individual users up to most people as threats can be situations in which warnings against IOT devices lists the tips while finding.

  1. Getting to work: Hackers may have found various ways to hack your cars. The new technologies found and used in cars are among the most prominent criminal materials. For example, hackers who have recently managed to hack the key fob of a Tesla branded vehicle can clone the signal of a key fob to steal a car. In addition, they can use GPS locations to locate and unlock vehicles remotely, start and drive them.
  2. Working in the office: Wireless printers and sound systems and security systems all pose major IoT security risks that have a huge impact on your workday and physical security. For example, using a hacked printer seems harmless until you learn the countless ways a hacker can manipulate it, but the rest is a complete disaster scenario.
  3. Working in the factory: The advancing technology adopted by most industries creates a vulnerability to wireless security attacks. Even blue-collar industries are vulnerable to attacks when it comes to IoT. The use of IoT technology, such as drones and wearable technology, to increase efficiency in factories, even in factories, poses IoT risks.
  4. Sitting at home: Internet of Things security is very important even when you spend an ordinary day at home. It's also important to forget that your home can be a hacker playground, depending on how "smart" you keep your home. Smart devices such as televisions and refrigerators can always remotely control you at the forefront of designs or by changing the volume, playing adult content, and even spying at home if there is a camera on the TV.

Security Tips for Wireless and IoT Devices That Anyone Can Follow

Regular cybersecurity training is becoming more and more important to minimize risks and ensure everyone is on the same level when it comes to data security. WatchGuard Greece and Turkey Country Manager Joseph is not home, share a few tips for protection against pirates iota.

  1. Register your devices. It allows manufacturers to register the IoT devices you receive via e-mail, to alert you when new security updates are released or they find any security vulnerabilities in your device.
  2. Keep all your devices up to date. Frequently configuring security fixes and updating your devices can protect you from hacking threats.
  3. Dispose of the device you do not use often. The fewer hackable machines you have at home and at work, the less likely you are to become a victim of hacking.
  4. Keep your Wi-Fi network safe. Stating that the Wi-Fi networks to which IoT devices are connected should be protected with fully equipped security solutions, Yusuf Evmez also states that the Watchguard Firebox T20, which is specially designed for organizations and managed service providers that need to expand the protection of home and small office locations, prevents foreigners from entering the networks.

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