2019 Countries Turkey 7 Armored Vehicles Sold in 259

2019 Countries Turkey 7 Armored Vehicles Sold in 259
2019 Countries Turkey 7 Armored Vehicles Sold in 259

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United Nations (UN) Conventional Weapon Registration - According to the data announced by UNROCA, 2019 armored vehicles were sold to 7 different countries in 259 by Turkish companies. According to the report, Turkey realized the export of armored vehicles in Asia and the African continent.

countries that Turkey exported armored vehicles in 2019:

Country Amount Vehicle Type
Bahreyn 50 Armored - Wheeled Personnel Carrier
Ghana 14 Armored - Wheeled Personnel Carrier
Malezya 3 Armored - Wheeled Personnel Carrier
Umman 66 Armored - Wheeled Personnel Carrier
Qatar 51 Armored - Wheeled Personnel Carrier
BIRLESIK Arap Emirlikleri 55 Armored - Wheeled Personnel Carrier
Özbekistan 20 Armored - Wheeled Personnel Carrier

According to data announced by Turkey's 2018 unroca armored vehicle sales fell about 309% in 16 fell to 2019 units in 259. While exports were made to 2018 countries in 11, it was limited to 2019 countries in 7.

Which country bought which vehicle?

Company and vehicle names are not specified in the data released by UNROCA. Based on previously shared contract data, sales to various countries can be predicted.

Previously, BMC had exported Amazon and Kirpi vehicles, Nurol Makina and Ejder Yalçın and Yörük vehicles for Qatar. In addition, Nurol Makina recently received an additional order from Qatar.

Ejder Yalçın TTZA's exported to Uzbekistan

FNSS, of which Nurol Holding is a partner of Nurol Makina, signed an export contract of more than half a billion dollars with Oman and realized the export of the FNSS PARS TTZA (Tactical Wheeled Armored Vehicle) family. It is stated that the deliveries under the project were completed in 2020. It also exported AV-8 vehicles developed by FNSS to Malaysia over the PARS TTZA family. It delivered the AV-8's CBRN Reconnaissance (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Reconnaissance Vehicle) configuration to Malzeya in 2019.

Otokar had exported various light armored vehicles and Arma 6 × 6 to Bahrain in the past.

The Rabdan TTZA, developed over Otokar Arma 8 × 8 TTZA, was exported to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with a contract worth 661 million dollars. Although it was stated that deliveries started in 2018, it was not included in the UNROCA data. In the statement made by an Otokar official in 2018, it was stated that the project included 700 vehicles in total and that the first batch included 100 units.


Turkey's exports of armored vehicles along with a large decline in 2019 was recorded as the lowest level in four years. Although it is known that not all exports are reported to UNROCA, this decline in the field of land vehicles where the Turkish defense industry is successful is a remarkable development.

Considering the 2018 data, the absence of new countries in the list stands out as a negative parameter. How healthy the data is is a big question mark. Considering the austerity policies of countries with the effect of COVID-19, there are not very positive pictures for the land vehicles sector "for now".

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