Train Entries and Exits to Europe from Edirne Train Station Decreased by One-third

Train arrivals and exits from Edirne train station to Europe decreased by one end
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The last meeting of the Edirne Provincial General Assembly's August meetings was held. The report prepared by the European Union and Foreign Relations Commission on Edirne's railways opening to Europe was presented to the parliament by Commission President Önder Cin. In the report in question, it was stated that due to the Kovid-19 outbreak, entries and exits from the train station decreased by one third in January-June 2020.

The report prepared about the existence of two railway lines for transportation to European countries throughout Edirne and the latest current status of these railways and the situation of freight and passenger transportation were discussed in the parliament.

Presenting the report prepared as a result of the examinations and researches made by the commission to the parliament, Commission President Önder Cin said that the entries and exits from the train station decreased by one third in January-June 19 due to the Kovid-2020 outbreak.

In the continuation of the prepared report; “In the first 2019 months of 6, 36 train entries and 16 train departures were realized. In the first 2020 months of 6, 810 entries and 828 exits were made. In the first 2019 months of 6, 75 thousand 485 passengers entered and 79 thousand 645 passengers departed. In 2020, due to the ban on entry and exit due to the pandemic, no passenger entry and exit took place.

The motions submitted to the Presidency of the Assembly were read. The subject related to the cultivated land in Edirne and the type of crops cultivated; the situation of the village mansions in the counties of Agriculture and Livestock, Havsa and Keşan and the investigation of the villages without village mansions; Administrative and Financial Affairs; The review was unanimously accepted by the Tourism Commission about the differences between the number of tourists coming to the city between 19-2019 due to the Kovid-2020 outbreak and its reflection on the economy. (The Edirnehab)

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