The Way of Salvation is Made Suitable for the Spirit of the Period

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality is starting the 'Street Rehabilitation' works on the 19-kilometer 'Salvation Road', which Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk used on his way to Amasya on the Bandırma Ferry to start the War of Independence on 1919 May 98.

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality is taking important steps within the scope of the efforts to make the Salvation Road suitable for the spirit of that period. Within the framework of the project, street improvement works, facade arrangement, landscape and traffic arrangement will be made in Müftü Sokak and Unkapanı Avenue in İlkadım district on the route. Within the scope of the work, vehicle and parking areas, pavements and curbs will be renewed. Urban furniture will be designed in accordance with the cultural structure of the city. With the lighting and facade improvement arrangements, the route will be integrated with the historical texture of Kurtuluş Yolu.


Mustafa Demir, Mayor of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, said, “Our aim is to show how the War of Independence started in Samsun and spread to the whole Anatolia. We made the art structures in the regions that were on the Kurtuluş Road before. We set milestones. We positioned similar vehicles used at that time on the route. Now we have started the 'Street Rehabilitation Project', which includes Unkapanı Street and Mufti Street, which are located on the route of Kurtuluş Yolu. We want to protect the cultural heritage of the city and return the historical streets to their glorious days. "With our project, the work we have done on the Road to Independence will be integrity and an integrity will emerge in this area reflecting the historical splendor of our city."

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