Number of Tourists Coming to Istanbul Decreased by 95 Percent on an Annual Basis in June

The number of tourists visiting Istanbul decreased by percentage points on a yearly basis in June
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The number of tourists coming to Istanbul decreased by 64,3 percent annually in the first six months to 2 million 421 thousand 818. In June, it remained at 95 with an annual decrease of 66 percent; 725 thousand 64 foreign visitors came by airway and 801 by seaway. Occupancy rate in accommodation facilities decreased to 924 percent, while the number of accommodation decreased by 10,6 percent.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Istanbul Statistics Office discussed the changes in the tourism sector in a year in the August 2020 issue of the Istanbul Tourism Bulletin.

Number of tourists decreased by 64,3 percent

While the number of tourists coming to Istanbul in the first six months was 2,4 million, there was a 64,3 percent decrease annually. Last year's first six months in the total number of tourists visiting Turkey exceeded 18 million, and this year stayed at 4,5 million. 53,7 percent of the tourists came to Istanbul.

66 thousand 725 tourists came in June

Covidien compared to last year, although a slight increase in the number of tourists decreased by 19 measures, in Istanbul, 95,1 percent, 96 percent decrease took place in Turkey. Of the 66 tourists who came to Istanbul in June, 725 percent came from Germany.

Passengers dropped in air and sea

While the number of tourists coming by airline increased in June compared to the previous month, it decreased by 1 million 292 thousand people compared to the same month of the previous year. One thousand 286 people came to Tuzla Port and 42 thousand 32 people to Istanbul Airport.

82,3 percent annual reduction in overnight stay

Stays in accommodation facilities decreased by 79,7 percent annually in June. Compared to the previous month, it increased by 109,8 percent and reached 232 thousand 218. While the rate of foreign tourists staying in Istanbul in June 2019 was 67 percent, this year it has dropped to 21 percent. Total overnight stay decreased by 82,3 percent annually to 464.

Dmortality rate, 10,6 percent

Hotel occupancy rate decreased by 81 percent annually to 10,6 percent in June. 2,2 percent of the occupancy was foreign and 8,4 percent was domestic visitors.

Average length of stay is 2,1 in ministry certified accommodation facilities; determined as 1,9 days in municipality certified accommodation facilities.

Per room income 8,6 Euros

The average daily room rate decreased by 35,2 percent annually to 62,3 Euros. Income per room calculated over the total room decreased by 87,8 percent and was recorded as 8,6 Euros.

96 thousand 158 citizens came from abroad

96 citizens came from abroad; 158 thousand 93 entered by airline and 724 thousand 2 by sea. Out of 434 citizens, 42 departed by airline and 257 by seaway.

Passenger traffic at airports decreased by 73,1 percent

While the number of passengers arriving and departing by air to Istanbul decreased by 2020 percent in July 73,1 compared to the same period of the previous year, it increased by 135 percent compared to the previous month and reached 2 million 625 thousand 635. 67,5 percent of these passengers were domestic passengers and 32,5 percent were international passengers.

46,9 percent annual decrease in freight traffic

In July, freight traffic decreased by 46,9 percent compared to the previous year, and increased by 58,1 percent compared to the previous month. 129 thousand 772 tons of freight was carried on international lines and 18 thousand 834 tons on domestic flights. In July, Atatürk Airport became the airport with the highest freight traffic with 70 thousand 488 tons.

Tourism Bulletin, Ministry of Culture and Tourism Ministry and the General Directorate of State Airports Administration (SAMA) and Turkey Hoteliers Association (TUROB) was prepared by compiling data.

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