The Foundations of Green Investments Are Laid

Green-investment-foundations are laid
Green-investment-foundations are laid

The European Union (EU) pioneers green incentives and creates a job for women and youth with the funds it provides to countries.

support given to projects in Turkey, 16 thousand 65 thousand people employed provided, the Financial Instrument for Pre-Accession (IPA) 20 percent of the investments were carried out by women.

On the other hand, the low-carbon economy continues to be shaped by the Green Deal, which sets the roadmap for the European Union's climate crisis, global warming and sustainability.

According to the Aegean exporters, who declared 2020 as the "Year of Sustainability", focusing on sustainable growth benefits society and adds value to investors, and determines the future of our world.

Aegean Exporters' Union organized by the online Foreign Ministry in video conferencing European Union Head of Financial Cooperation and Project Implementation General Manager Bülent Özcan's accession to the European Union will continue until the 2027 programs a new era that will benefit Turkey and project grants were discussed.

Customs Union should be updated, Visa Liberalization Dialogue should gain speed

Aegean Exporters Union Coordinator Chairman Jake Ashkenazic, that covers 50 percent of Turkey's exports to the European Union market, so it is very important zero customs said exports and imports.

"Turkey and in the European Union is valid for 24 years and updated awaiting customs soon to be modernized by expanding the Union's scope and visa freedom to our relations acceleration of Diyaloğu'yl related activities are important for driving determination. Turkey overall have performed during the period January-July exports of $ 83 billion of our $ 40 billion to their countries of the European Union. We reached an export figure of 7 billion dollars in July. In the first 7 months, our trade decreased by 18 percent and by 8 percent in July. We hope that travel restrictions on European Union countries will be lifted soon. The Green Agreement, which includes many studies such as the climate law and carbon limit tax, which the European Union has created to combat global warming in this new era, is one of the most important issues on our agenda. "

Green Consensus gives the same message as EIB's Sustainability Manifesto

According to Eskinazi, this agreement includes a number of opportunities for our country, which has taken green transformation steps in many areas, especially in agriculture, industrial production and energy production.

"The most important is having the natural resources necessary for the production of clean and renewable energy Green Power Agreement with the intensification of investments to be made in this area of ​​Turkey of the opportunity. The Sustainability Manifesto, announced recently by our Association, declaring 2020 as the "Year of Sustainability", gives the same messages as the Green Deal, which will open new doors for us, to increase our sustainable and environmentally sensitive production that we have adopted for years. We are now going through a period in which we will see companies and intergovernmental collaborations related to sustainability and recycling, and restrictions on trade can be imposed on countries that are not included in this. Therefore, it is very important for us that our companies are already involved in these works. It is inevitable that other programs will have a great impact on our companies' ability to contribute to their human capital and advance their international work. "

The prominent topics related to EU funds are as follows;

  • With the "Green Deal", the EU aims for a transformation that covers all sectors from manufacturing industry to energy transportation that will zero carbon emissions by 2050.
  • Industry 4.0 and Green Consensus will directly affect businesses and companies, and will be a determining factor in business and trade. Therefore, companies should be prepared by following the process well.
  • EU funds are renewed every 7 years. The period of 2021-2027 will begin. The EU allocated 7 billion dollars to 13,5 countries. It is still unclear how much funding will be given to which country.
  • There are also programs aimed entirely at businesses. Companies from Europe and Turkey are working on projects that can carry new ideas to market ticarileştirip met. There is no subject limitation. Apart from that, it is available in individual applications.
  • The last call of the Horizon 2020 program will be in September and in the area of ​​the European Green Consensus with a budget of 1 billion euros. This call is open to anyone who develops innovation projects in different fields. It is a program that provides support / funding in all areas focused on innovation, from agriculture to food, from transportation to energy, from production to the environment, from space sciences to renewable energy, from information communication technologies to the environment. It is the world's largest budgeted research and innovation program with a huge financing of 80 billion Euros.
  • In the new period, it will continue under the name of Horizon Europe. Its budget is expected to be 100 billion euros.
  • It's known as the Erasmus + student exchange program, but it's not just that. It also includes supporting the work that concerns employment in the business world and aims to create employment. For example; There are strategic partnership, knowledge sectoral skills partnership projects. The total budget is 14,7 billion euros. There are 34 countries. It will have a budget of 2021 billion euros in 22,5.
  • COSME is a network and business development program mainly for SMEs. A program on public procurement, aimed at increasing the knowledge of businesses about procurement. Its budget is 400 thousand euros. represent the business world or from Europe that Turkey can participate in this project.
  • EASI, on the other hand, is a program about employee-employer gathering. Programs such as InvestEU and Horizon Europe promote sustainable investment.
  • The European Union has announced its 7-year financial framework in recent months. A fund pool of 1,5 trillion euros is being created within the scope of the borrowing program. Turkey will participate in Erasmus + and Horizon 2021 program precisely. Included are funds we are creating different areas of the EU harmonization process also prepares us well during the adaptation process and Turkey's EU member countries fund created for the budget also increases the possibility of reaching the pool.
  • The coronavirus will not have an impact on funds. Programs were not canceled. All kinds of convenience were provided regarding the implementation processes of the projects. There is an increase in funds, not a cut. Firms should add digital elements while designing their projects. Turkey conveyed the close to 400 projects, these projects have a 4 billion euro portfolio.

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