First Justice Vocational Training Center in Prison Opened

National Education Minister Ziya Selcuk with the Minister of Justice Abdul Hamid Gul, Turkey's first prison and was founded in the opening of the Vocational Training Center of Justice in Prisons Campus Xinjiang will give formal vocational training to inmates.

Speaking at the ceremony, Minister of National Education Selçuk reminded that the "Education and Training Cooperation Protocol" was signed with the Ministry of Justice on March 9, which allows the opening of high schools and vocational training centers in prisons. Stating that they are pleased that the Justice Vocational Training Center, which was established within the scope of the protocol, was opened, Selçuk said that the vocational training center is a first in the history of penal institutions.

Stating that the center will provide training in 9 branches in 15 occupational fields, Selçuk stated that the documents will be given after the trainings, and this will bring the opportunity to do business. Stating that a total of 467 convicts and detainees can enroll in the vocational training center, Minister Selçuk stated that they care about the convicts and detainees having a profession.

Selçuk said, “The Ministry of National Education is in an effort to carry vocational education to higher levels within the framework of the 2023 Education Vision. This year, 41 percent of the students who settled in Anatolian high schools were placed in a vocational and technical Anatolian high school in their first choice. The rate of our children who were placed in a vocational and technical Anatolian high school included in their first three choices rose to 82 percent. " shared his knowledge.

Ziya Selçuk underlined that the number of students who entered vocational education with and without examination has increased by 40 percent compared to last year. Pointing out that access to education is the right of every citizen, no matter where they are, Selçuk mentioned that studies are carried out in cooperation to diversify and expand educational services in prisons.

a model for Turkey

The Minister of Justice Abdul Hamid Gul, established under the protocol signed with the Ministry of Education said that Turkey is a model for the Vocational Training Center of Justice. Explaining what is done in the fields of education in prisons, Gül emphasized that the main purpose is to reintegrate the convicts and detainees as educated and professional people after their execution. Gül reported that 10 people from prisons took the Higher Education Institutions Exam this year, and 833 people enrolled in the educational institution after they were imprisoned.

Stating that vocational training has been provided in more than 324 business lines in 180 Workplace Directorates in Penal Execution Institutions, Gül stated that important successes have been achieved in ensuring that those whose executions are completed become professions. Abdulhamit Gül explained that convicts and detainees produced 19 tons of cologne with 24 million masks within the scope of the fight against the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-110).

Stating that diplomas will be awarded to those who complete their education at the Justice Vocational Training Center, Gül stated that 101 more independent vocational training centers will be opened, 216 affiliated vocational education units will be established, thus it is aimed to complete the schooling activities in 317 prisons by the end of 2023. Minister Gül underlined the importance of rehabilitation and social integration of those released from prisons in order to prevent crime.

After the speeches, Ministers Selçuk and Gül examined the Justice Vocational Training Center and met with those who received training.

Günceleme: 15/08/2020 13:14

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