The Date When The Fatih Table Will Meet the Istanbulites Has Been Determined

The Date When The Fatih Table Will Meet the Istanbulites Has Been Determined
The Date When The Fatih Table Will Meet the Istanbulites Has Been Determined

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu, introduced the original painting of Fatih Sultan Mehmet, who conquered Istanbul in 25, made in 1453 in the workshop of Italian painter Gentile Bellini, to the members of the press. Fatih Sultan Mehmet, Hz. Emphasizing that he is a revolutionary like Muhammed and Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, İmamoğlu said, “Let us underline that we carry all revolutionary elements with all our national and spiritual elements and that we have succeeded in transferring cultural traces to this world in this way. But by preserving it with sensitivity, preserving the sensitivities of all cultures in these lands, and presenting such traces in history to our country," he said. Imamoglu said when the painting will be transmitted to the people of Istanbul, "When the work here is completed, we will meet with our precious citizens of Istanbul here on October 1480, when Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, when Istanbul met the homeland of Istanbulites freely, ensured that Istanbul belonged to the nation again. ” he clarified.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) bought the original painting of Fatih Sultan Mehmet, who conquered Istanbul in 1453, which was made in 1480 in the workshop of Italian painter Gentile Bellini, at the world-famous Christie's hall in London, at an auction held on June 25. The painting returned to its home on August 2, after a period of approximately 26 months, and was taken to rest in a specially designed warehouse in the central building of IMM in Saraçhane. An introductory meeting was held in Saraçhane for the historical painting. Domestic and foreign media organizations showed great interest in the introductory meeting held for the painting. İBB President standing in front of the cameras Ekrem İmamoğlu, put on his gloves and opened the painting, which was taken from the warehouse to the hall in its special packaging, in front of the members of the press.


Stating that he is excited, İmamoğlu said, “The great Sultan Fatih Sultan Mehmet, maybe Rönesans Together, we are watching the first time he participated in the public collection of his period. Although it is a light painting, it is obviously very heavy at the moment. A very precious moment for me. Such a precious painting to our Turkey kazanI am honored and proud to have contributed to it. I am very very happy. Good luck to both Istanbul and Turkey," he said. Explaining the formation process of the portrait painting, İmamoğlu said:
“We will see the painting of Fatih Sultan Mehmet, which is left to us from that period, in Istanbul. We will introduce it to the whole world from Istanbul. HE IS Rönesans period of Istanbul, like perhaps the heart of the enlightenment period when art and science were combined. In a very important position. Fatih Sultan Mehmet, who carries the spirit of enlightenment that undersigned the importance of Istanbul in such a position, to the highest level, leaves an enormous mark with these attitudes. When you look at these paintings of Fatih Sultan Mehmet, the painter is almost where you are and the Sultan poses and is pictured at a distance of 3-3,5 meters from him. At that time, Leonardo Da Vinci had not yet drawn the Mona Lisa. He was only 30 years old. Michelangelo had not yet imagined the bridge in Istanbul, or it was 80 years before Selimiye was built, Süleymaniye. Therefore, we see and live an amazing period together. "

Saying, "We have a tremendous land and history both nationally and spiritually," İmamoğlu said, "There is no need to look for another world of enlightenment or revolutionism, it is necessary to sort the cultural ties well. You can find this work of Fatih Sultan Mehmet here. kazanClimbing is an amazing feeling. Of course, he has to meet the people of Istanbul. The people of Istanbul should meet at the house of the people of Istanbul. Home of Istanbulites, this city hall in Saraçhane, which belongs to the people of Istanbul. That's why we'll arrange to meet here. We will bring this beautiful portrait together with the people of Istanbul in this hall.”

Stating that every precaution has been taken regarding the safety and protection of the painting, İmamoğlu said: “When the work here is finished, it is said that Istanbul meets with the homeland freely; On October 6, when Mustafa Kemal Atatürk made Istanbul belong to the nation again, we will meet our precious Istanbul citizens here. We are very proud, very happy, very proud. Hopefully, we will host you here with some activities and events that will enable us to feel this process, understand each other better, and feel the value of these lands. A very important revolutionary; Fatih Sultan Mehmet. A very important revolutionary at the turn of the century; Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. There is another revolutionary in my soul; Prophet Muhammad Mustafa. Let us underline that we carry all the revolutionary elements with all our national and spiritual elements and that we succeed in conveying the cultural traces to this world in this way; but by preserving sensitively, by preserving the sensitivities of all cultures in these lands and by presenting such traces in history to our country.

İmamoğlu answered the questions of journalists after his speech. Journalists' questions and Imamoglu's answers to the questions were as follows:

- Can you share technical details for conservation?
“We will give you an information note. This kind of international age has been planned from London to all elements, from both the portrait itself and its hoop frame. Every stage has been planned according to the sensitivity of a work that is 540 years old, from being preserved here, even resting until today, then again, to be taken to rest and how it will be exhibited. Let me state that all measures have been taken with the indoor air conditioning, air conditioning system, security system and energy. My friends will give you all the details up to the temperature. "

- Do you have a special invitation for state elders? The question is, would you like the president to come and see?

"There is. As we will have a team work for the elders of the state, we will also have an invitation over the living members of the sultanate, without discriminating our citizens. We will also share this sensitivity with them. We met with some of its members. We will have special moments for everyone. We will also have special moments for our children. We will share these kinds of invitations with you during this exhibition. "

- It was said that the painting will be exhibited first in the IMM building in Saraçhane and then in a museum; but will it stay here as we understand it?
“It will be exhibited here for a certain period of time. Afterwards, we have not yet decided how to bring it to the public. Our work on this subject continues. I hope we will make the best decision together. "

- An issue that has been discussed since the day the painting was purchased was who is the person facing Fatih Sultan Mehmet. Have you had a meeting with historians?
“We will have invitations to historians at both national and international levels. We will request articles and research on this topic. Actually, the process related to the painting will continue. This is also valuable regarding the illumination of an era. Other historians have had different interpretations. But there are descriptions that he is mostly Cem Sultan. But this is not my specialty. Many historians at national and international level will be here, I hope they will bring us together with very precious data.

- We saw the congratulations on social media. Do you have congratulations on the phone personally?
“Because I know why you are asking, because I know who or who you mean; I have not received such a phone yet. But I received the tremendous celebration of our nation. I think this celebration of the nation is a sign that they also congratulate me from their hearts.

After the meeting, İmamoğlu took a souvenir photo in front of the painting with the journalists.

The original portrait of Fatih Sultan Mehmet, purchased from a private collector at the world-famous Christie's hall in London, was held at the auction on 25 June. Ekrem İmamoğluIt was purchased for 7 million 923 thousand liras by the order of . The return journey of the painting, which is one of the three original portraits of Mehmet the Conqueror that was made in his own time and has survived, has begun. The work, which came out of the workshop of Venetian painter Bellini, was received on August 26, 2020, when the customs procedures were completed, and made in the IMM Saraçhane Building; He was taken to rest in a fully secure, air-conditioned, specially protected warehouse area. Rönesans The special warehouse prepared on the ground floor of IMM Saraçhane Campus, where the necessary conditions for the protection of a work belonging to the period are provided; A specially protected area with superior insulation conditions, manufactured as an earthquake-resistant steel construction. The storage area can be entered through three specially protected airtight doors. A special air conditioning and moisture balancing system was installed to ensure the storage conditions of the table. In addition, a special gas fire extinguishing system was created to ensure the full safety of the work. The warehouse area was designed in such a way that maintenance, repair and conservation of the work can be done, and the technical infrastructure that can be used as a workshop area was created.

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