Wage Increase was Discussed in UKOME with Services and at Marmaray

Gathering with the agenda of determining the school service fees for the new term, UKOME could not agree on the fee increase. While IMM offered an 11 percent increase, which is the annual inflation increase, İSTESOB offered a 33 percent increase. The decision was left for the next meeting for consideration after the new education system became clear. At the meeting, the increase in the fare related to Marmaray, which became a transfer in February and lowered its boarding fee, was also on the agenda. IMM offered to apply the current fee as it is, and some institutions to set a new price due to the Administrative Court's decision to stay execution. The issue was referred to the sub-commission for re-evaluation.

UKOME (Transportation Coordination Center), chaired by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, discussed important issues related to Istanbul transportation at the meeting it held at the Istanbul Congress Center. At the meeting chaired by IMM Secretary General Can Akın Çağlar, the new term school bus fees and staff shuttle fees were discussed.

While IMM offered an increase of 11,016 percent, which is the annual inflation increase, tradesmen representatives led by the Istanbul Union of Chambers of Tradesmen and Craftsmen (ISTESOB) demanded a 33,15 percent increase due to new vehicle and cost increases.

On the other hand, IMM Directorate of Public Transportation Services; taking into account the movements in inflation, fuel, minimum wage and exchange rate, it offered an increase of 11,16. When no agreement was reached on the salary at the meeting, the decision was left for the next meeting to be evaluated after the new education system was clarified.


At the meeting, the fee revision regarding Marmaray, which IMM made transfer and cheaper the boarding fee, was also on the agenda. Representatives of some institutions reminded that the Istanbul 2nd Administrative Court decided to suspend the execution of the wage reduction and offered to set a new price.

On the other hand, IMM Transportation Department Head Utku Cihan stated that the reason for the court decision was not the fee, and that the decision to suspend the execution was made because the district municipalities were not invited to the meeting and offered to continue the current wage policy. The issue, which could not be agreed upon, was referred to the sub-commission for re-evaluation.


İBB and Private Public Bus Drivers (ÖHO) submitted a proposal that bus companies should have 2 percent spare vehicles in order to prevent the interruption of bus services, and that these spare vehicles should be put into operation in case of an accident or breakdown and the trips should not be interrupted. It was stated that the spare vehicles will only serve until the vehicle returns to the trip, instead of the vehicle leaving the line in case of accident or breakdown, and the number of buses on the line will not be increased. UKOME found the offer appropriate.


IETT General Directorate, which operates electric public transportation vehicles on behalf of IMM in the Islands, also proposed to limit individual battery and electric vehicles due to the increased risk of accidents due to the intense traffic. IMM Directorate of Public Transport Services proposed to UKOME to ban individual vehicles other than disabled vehicles and battery and electric vehicles used by public institutions. The representative of the Adalar Municipality asked that the vehicles used by the tradesmen to carry freight be exempted. The report was referred to the sub-commission for re-evaluation.


At the meeting, the Logistics Management and Terminals Management offered two-way Transit Freight Transportation between Europe and Asia to use the Northern Marmara Motorway Kınalı direction instead of Mahmutey toll booths. The issue was transferred to the sub-commission to be evaluated together with the chambers of tradesmen.

UKOME also approved the request of the Istanbul Provincial Police Directorate to pedestrianize Beyoğlu Arap Cami Mahallesi Bereketzade Madrasa Street and its surroundings.

The proposal to revise the relevant directive for Sea Taxi transportation in the Golden Horn and the Bosphorus was also forwarded to the sub-commission to be evaluated with the relevant units.

Other decisions taken at the meeting are as follows:

  • A proposal for 93 rescuer vehicles belonging to the Turkish Police Force Strengthening Foundation to use the Bridges of Martyrs and Fatih Sultan Mehmet on 15 July.
  • Proposal for EGM Security Vehicles to Use the 15th of July Martyrs' Bridge.
  • A215 Sefaköy - Mehmet Akif -İstoç Minibus Line route arrangement proposal.
  • A34 Cebeci-Gazi Mh-Küçükköy-Gaziosmanpaşa-Eyüp minibus line's proposal to arrange the Cebeci-Gaziosmanpaşa route.
  • BL109 Büyükçekmece – Gürpınar –Yakuplu – Beylikdüzü minibus line route arrangement proposal.
  • A239 Küçükçekmece - Avcılar - Beylikdüzü Minibus line route arrangement proposal.
  • A proposal for a bus service between Silivri Prison - Avcılar
  • ÖHO, line and vehicle change offer

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