STS Defense, Turkey's Power to the Power Focuses on Value Added Target

STS Defense and Military Industries Managing Director and Vice Chairman Hussein Massoud Alvor, 'our President initiated under the leadership of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey's Milli and one of the biggest supporters of the Indigenous Defense Technology moves will STS Defense and Military Industries' he said.

STS Defense and Warfare Industry General Manager and Deputy Chairman of the Board Hüseyin Mesut Alver said, 'As STS Savunma ve Harp Sanayii, we carry out R&D activities based on high technology and aim to have a brand value that takes its share from the world market with high value added products.

National and Domestic Defense Technology move is the guarantee of our independence and future.

Stating that nations that are not strong and independent in the field of defense will not be able to look safely to their future, STS Defense and War Industry General Manager and Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors Hüseyin Mesut Alver, '' STS Defense and War Industry, which constitutes the main roof of 5 large companies specialized in their field, is the National and Domestic Defense Technology move, Software, Cyber ​​Defense, Electronic Warfare, Operational Productions, Heavy Armored Vehicles, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Signal Cutters, War Industry and so on. It will continue to support it by taking an active role in many areas.

STS Defense, focused on the added power of Turkey's power target

Turkey's STS indicating that they set out with the aim of offering a great contribution to be strong and independent in the defense field of Defense and Military Industry Director General Hussein Massoud Alvor, 'STS Defense and Military Industry, nationally and with subsidiaries in the site has proven itself both in the international arena, a very has completed the domestic and national project. It includes many national projects such as Throwable Operational Camera, UAV Signal Breaker (Drone Jammer), Door Opener (Electronic Ramhead), Fixed Wing Air Analyzer as well as high technology based R&D activities such as VTOL Alver 040, Domestic Bomb Launcher, Electronic Field Reconnaissance Robot. It will continue to develop new projects by constantly developing it.

Hüseyin Mesut Alver continued his words as follows: 'STS Defense and Harp Sanayii, which focuses on the goal of being one of the Turkish companies to be among the most powerful defense industry companies in the world, continues its services as the umbrella organization in its field with hundreds of personnel who have the determination and determination to produce the more advanced and the more advanced. will continue 'he said.

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