Call from Minister of National Education Selçuk to 'Follow Kovid-19 Measures'

Photo: Ministry of National Education

Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk reminded that face-to-face training will begin on September 21, and that it saddened them to see people without masks, who still ignore the distance in this process they were meticulously prepared.

In his post on Twitter, Minister Selçuk stated that he was writing not as a minister but as a teacher, and asked the citizens to read these statements as if they came to them, looking in the eyes. Selçuk stated that the education will be done by hearing the child's sigh, laughter, saying "My teacher", stroking his hair, touching his shoulder, warning him with an eyebrow-eye sign, having fun together and closing the front of his coat so that he does not feel cold during recess, and emphasized that these do not happen and will not happen in distance education.

Stating that they are ready for distance education in every detail and that they will do the best, Selçuk said, “We cannot blow the spirit of the classroom environment and school climate on the screens. Whatever we do will be incomplete. " found the assessment. Underlining the need to return to schools and start face-to-face education in order to continue education properly, Ziya Selçuk said: “It is up to you to start face-to-face education on September 21st. We work day and night. Even contactless games to be played during the break are ready. We are deeply saddened to see people without masks and disregarding the distance in this process, in which we have been prepared with such meticulous attention to detail. We are sincere when we say, 'We will open schools together,' and we invite you to be a part of this responsibility. We cannot do it without you. Please wear a mask, keep your distance so that we can open schools and do our job, children get their schools. I ask on behalf of our children and teachers. "

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