İzmir International Fair Opening Date Highlighted

Following the last evaluation made with the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and related institutions, the opening date of the 89th Izmir International Fair was brought forward. Considering the intensity that the first fair to be opened in Izmir after the global epidemic can be combined with the enthusiasm of 9 September, IEF was shifted to September 4-8. The fair will be held under pandemic measures.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality made a new arrangement on the opening date of the 89th Izmir International Fair (IEF), following the meetings with the Ministry of Trade, the Izmir Governorship and the Scientific Committee. Considering the possible intensity of September 9, which is the anniversary of the liberation of İzmir, combined with the opening of the Fair, it was decided to hold the IEF between September 9-13 instead of September 4-8. The fair will be organized by İZFAŞ under the auspices of the Ministry of Trade and hosted by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. Being the first fair to be opened after the global epidemic, IEF will be completed under intensive pandemic measures.

The fair will last 5 days

The guests who will come to the fair on Friday, September 4th, will enter the doors of Lausanne and Basmane. Fever of the guests will be measured at the entrance gates, masks and disinfectants specially designed for IEF will be distributed to the guests. Guests will be taken inside in a controlled manner and in accordance with square meter standards. It will be mandatory for guests to wear masks and comply with social distance rules at Kültürpark. For this, warnings will be placed in Kültürpark. For the exit, 26 August and Montreux gates will be used. Within the scope of pandemic measures, the fair will last 10 days this year instead of 5 days.

Mediterranean temperature in IEF

The entrance fee to the fair will be 5 TL. IEF will be held this year with the "Mediterranean" theme. It will keep the warmth of Mediterranean culture alive in Kültürpark for 5 days. The Fair, which will be born from the combination of Mediterranean flavors, pleasing tones and colorful cultures, will contribute to the unity of the region.

International Business Days will be online

The sixth International Izmir Business Days within the scope of IEF will be held online on 3 - 4 September. 6. İzmir Business Days Ministry of Commerce, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, İZFAŞ, İzmir Chamber of Commerce (İZTO), Aegean Region Chamber of Industry (EBSO), İzmir Commodity Exchange (İTB), İzmir Chamber of Shipping İzmir Branch (İMEAK) and Aegean Exporters 'Unions' (EİB) in cooperation.

Post-pandemic trade opportunities will come to the fore in meetings between representatives from sectors such as textiles, maritime transport and e-commerce and at ministerial level.

The meetings, which will be attended by expert speakers and institution heads, will continue for two days. In September 4 TC Ruhsar Pekcan Izmir Trade Minister met with the heads of non-governmental organizations to assess the strategic importance of Turkey in Izmir's trade.

Lawn concerts caught in pandemic measures

Grass concerts will not be held within the scope of pandemic measures this year. Instead, concerts, theater performances and Mediterranean Cinema Films will be shown in the open air, in accordance with the social distance rule at the Atatürk Open Air Theater.

In accordance with the rules of open fairgrounds, the stands to be set up from the Lausanne Gate will be limited in number. Frequent warnings will be made to avoid density in the fair, where there will be a variety of products such as municipalities, education, food, souvenirs. The host, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, will transfer its services to the guests with the stand it will set up.

The award ceremony is on September 5

Music concerts, fun activities for children, and events at different points of Kültürpark will also be held throughout the IEF. Local bands from Izmir will greet the guests on the street stages. Within the scope of INTEL ESL Gaming Fest, with the support of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the game entrepreneurship competition, Next Game Startup, was held for the first time this year. kazanmoments will be determined at IEF. The Award Ceremony will be held at İsmet İnönü Art Center on Saturday, September 5th.

Kültürpark Entertainments were organized in 1942

The Izmir International Fair, which started its way with the Izmir Economy Congress on February 17, 1923, has never stopped despite factors such as economic problems and war. In 1942 alone, there was no international participation due to the ongoing World War II. Instead, events were organized under the name of "Kültürpark Entertainments" for the people of Izmir.

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