How to Buy Bus Tickets with HES Code?

How to Buy Bus Tickets with HES Code?
How to Buy Bus Tickets with HES Code?

📩 20/11/2021 09:19

Bus ticket There is a code number that must be obtained by people traveling via buses today before purchasing. This code number is called the HES code. The HES code is generally a code in which people traveling by train, bus or plane cannot leave without getting out. Various applications have been implemented due to the coronavirus, which affects the whole world today. One of these applications in our country is the HES code.

The HES code is applied in order to prevent the coronavirus epidemic disease to reach more serious dimensions, not to spread among individuals, and to keep the disease under control when it spreads among individuals. Because, thanks to the HES code, people traveling in the same vehicle and coming in contact with each other can be easily tracked. Also this code bus ticketis now compulsory to purchase airline tickets and train tickets.

Getting HES Code for Bus Tickets

There are two different methods of obtaining the HES code. Bus ticket People who will travel by bus can choose any of these two methods as they wish. Because the code to be obtained in both ways is used for the same purpose before buying a travel ticket. The first of the ways to obtain HES code; Life is home is a mobile application called Sığar. This mobile application is available both in the Google Play Store for Android operating system devices and in the iOS App Store for devices with iOS operating system.

Buy bus tickets The HES code must be obtained before the transaction is made because bus companies request this code from their customers before selling tickets and then make the sale. Therefore, this code must be obtained by every person before making intercity travel with buses.

Those who download the Hayat Eve Sığar mobile application to their mobile devices should log in to the HES Code Transactions, which is among the options of the application. From here, people should click on Create HES Code. After completing the process, people who will travel by bus should enter the code usage time in the part that appears on the screen. Bus ticket This code must be given to the bus company during the acquisition phase.

The HES Code can also be obtained from mobile phones by sending an SMS to 2023. People who want to get a code for this should enter the text message section of their mobile phone. As a text message, the last four digits of the TR identity number, the Turkish identity serial number and the number of days should be written with spaces between them. This short message should be sent to 2023. After this process, the HES code is delivered to the people via message. The code received, otobüs buy ticket must be given to the bus company during.

HES Code When Buying Bus Tickets

Before bus rides, everyone must obtain the HES Code. Bus ticket Everyone must calculate the number of days quite well before making a purchase. It is recommended that people take the number of days to cover the entire trip while obtaining the code. Otherwise, there will be problems in making the trip. At this point, people are advised to obtain a valid code for approximately one week more than their total travel date.

Buy bus tickets If the procedure is to be made for between 0 and 2 years old, it is not necessary. However, anyone over the age of 2 must obtain an HES Code. In addition, people over the age of 65 must not only obtain the HES Code, but also a special permit to travel. Persons over the age of 65 have to reside in the place they go for at least 1 month. Apart from these two methods, you can easily You can buy bus tickets with HES Code.

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